Video: Rating the Vienna Vikings class of 2024 imports

The Vienna Vikings are one of the most iconic teams in the European League of Football having won the 2022 championship and gone undefeated in the 2023 regular season before losing in the playoffs.

In 2024, they are aiming to create a dynasty by winning two titles in three years.  To do that they need to have top-level recruitment in all aspects. The imports can break a team if not recruited correctly so let’s see how they have done.

Traditionally, we have started with American imports. Division 2 standout Ben Holmes was an effective passer at the college level but never got above 60% in his passing accuracy. He’s mobile, can extend plays and will have an excellent supporting cast.

One of these is Weston Carr who returns to the team following last season’s success. As a receiver who can do a lot with the ball in his hands, he could be another 600+ yards receiver. Defensively, Hunter Nichols is one of the most exciting safeties that has entered the league. His achievements are too long to list but he will be excellent in all three phases of defense and special teams. Alongside him is veteran athlete Exavier Edwards who can play any and every position in football. Keep an eye on weapon X again this year.

On to the Europeans, get ready for a lot of Finnish talent. Karri Pajarinen returns as running back. He is expected to be more of a bell-cow this season with the departure of others in the position.

Elmeri Laalo is a 6’4 defensive back who can play all over the defense and is one of the most exciting young prospects out of the country in recent years. Tony Koskinen reinforces on the offensive line. He is going to be another important piece for the motor and mobility he shows on the line of scrimmage. All-ELF center and one of, if not the best, centers in the league returns after his 2023 campaign while the other two European spots are also filled with all-stars.

Photo: Hannes Jirgal

Add to these, Jordan Bouah, an elite European receiver who has been with the Vikings for the past two seasons and pass rusher Jan Phillip Bombeck who continues to show Europe that he is one of the best pure pass rushers in the league after a hugely successful season in Hamburg.