Dacia Vienna Vikings Women set amazing record – 18 straight national titles

The Dacia Vienna Vikings women’s elite team continued to be an unstoppable force in 2020, capturing the Austrian championship for the 18th straight time and demolishing the opposition in the process.

The championship final in this shortened season was indicative of the dominance of the Vikings women.  A combined Danube Dragons/Amstetten Thunder squad was blanked 48-0. In fact, the Vikings did not allow a single point during the entire four game season while scoring 157 points

Vikings LB Kata Szücs hauling down a ball carrier and forcing a fumble Photo: Hannes Jirgal

The story last year was more or less the same with the Vikings Ladies running through a perfect season capping it with a 44-0 blowout of the Schwaz Hammers Ladies. And so it has gone for the past 18 seasons. While records in women’s American football are hard to track down, a search of countries throughout the world playing women’s football produces nothing comparable.

Head coach Cameron Frickey, who has coached the team since 2006 explains the sustained and dominant success of this team in simple terms:

“We are building better athletes in the off-season and teaching a simple and fun offense and defense.”

Frickey arrived in Vienna, Austria, as an import wide receiver in 1998 and spent six seasons (1998 – 2003) playing for the Vienna Vikings helping them win the Austrian Championship five times. He is the architect this incredible team while also filling his other role as head coach of the Austrian Women’s national team.

Karin Weinberger Photo: Hannes Jirgal

Two members of the team, Karin Weinberger (OL/DL) and linebacker Kata Szücs were named league MVPs. Weinberger is a member of the Vikings Football Academy while Szücs who is Hungarian, joined the club two years ago.

Frickey explains the reasons these two earned MVP status:

” Karin has always been strong and focused in her head. Thanks to her extra practices in the academy she is now stronger and more athletic on the field. It has been fun watching her grow up. Us coaches look forward to her improvements each year.

“Kata came to us as a great athlete. She’s very strong, quick and fast. She has worked hard at making herself a dominant football player. She is a good listener to coaching and really wants to be great. When she puts on her helmet on gameday, then the sweet, quiet girl turns into a hitting machine.”

Photo: Hannes Jirgal

With Frickey at the helm, the future looks bright for the Dacia Vikings Ladies. He has no plans to leave and can see this juggernaut of a team continue to cause nightmares for other teams for years to come:

“I hope and wish for more players to join my dominant team. I plan to do this job that I love for many years to come. As long as I am here coaching this team, then we intend to remain the best in Austria. My coaching staff and I have established a tradition of winning that can’t be stopped.”


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