Vila Velha Tritoes hang 71-points on hapless Cabritos

Vila Velha Tritoes – 71
Rio Branco Cabritos – 0

Estadio do Bambu – Aracruz, Espirito Santo

The Tritoes continued to treat football games like a track meets, sprinting around, past and over the winless Cabritos in a game that was 22-0 at the end of the first quarter. Import QB, Giorgio Bryant, arguably the fastest player in the country, showed that he can beat teams with his arm as well as his legs, tossing 5 touchdowns; one to Weberton Junior, one to Danilo de Sá and three to Stephan Cirilo Nunes. Bryant and Nunes also had a rushing scores, as did Arthur Dadalto and Richard Monequi.

The Tritoes found other ways to score as well, as they notched a safety, and speedy linebacker, Jefferson Martins opened the games scoring with a pick-6.

For Vila Velha Head Coach, Lener Fernandes, the star of the day was Nunes, who, in addition to his four touchdowns, ran fast enough to catch up with a high, short kickoff directed toward a gap that Tritoes kicker, Pedro Silva, saw in the Cabrito return formation, and recovered it for the Tritões.

‘’The greatest artist of Sunday was Nunes. He is the fastest guy you’re going to see on the field in Brazil,’’ said Fernandes.

AFI’s take: Anyone hoping to beat Vila Velha needs a sound scheme and a lot of speed. Anyone following American football in Brazil has to have a lot of admiration for this Cabritos squad, under-manned and under-funded, they continue to play hard in every game.

Clayton Lovett has served football in Brasil in a variety of roles, including as the member of the coaching staff of two CBFA national champions (Cuiaba Arsenal 2010, 2012). Football is his hobby. Professionally, he is the founder of CS Educacional,