Vince McMahon Taking A Behind The Scenes Role In XFL 2.0


Vince McMahon told XFL coaches recently that he will be helping out, but behind the scenes. McMahon was out in front with the first iteration of the XFL in 2001. This time, it has been all Oliver Luck and we have not heard much from the 75-year-old McMahon since Luck was hired.

New York Guardians head coach Kevin Gilbride told WFAN radio in New York that McHahons’ work will be behind the scenes this time around.

“The biggest thing I got from that was his commitment, his enthusiasm about the game,” Gilbride said. “The fact that he threw it in our laps, he says, ‘Hey, I’m going to help you but I’m behind the scenes. You guys are going to make this thing go.’”

New York Guardians Head Coach Kevin Gilbride On Vince McMahon

Vince went even as far as offering XFL coaches his cell phone. He told all eight XFL head coaches they could call him anytime 24/7.

“This is football. I want to win with quality football. Football that people are used to seeing … He says,’It’s on you guys, but I’m here 24/7. If there’s a problem you need something, you call me 24/7. I’m there for you, but it’s your responsibility to make this thing go. It’s my responsibility to market and promote it and do what I can.’”

You can listen to more of the interview from Maggie and Bart on WFAN below.