Violence Associated With American Football

American football is a distinctive game. It is the sport about gaining territory and scoring points. When teams step on a field, each player in a team is fighting for every inch that he can snatch from the other. Every team would like to defend and the football pitch that is behind it. Similarly, each team would like to invade the sports ground in front of it. Finally, football teams want to get enough chance to score a field goal or a touchdown.

Some fans of American football are worried presently because of the brutal behavior of the National Football League. Can the game change course?

Football is the combination of gladiatorial combat and raw cavemen strength and the complicated chess match everyone may ever imagine. Fans of football are now feeling more confusion about watching the game they love when they know it can be risky.

Everyone should be honest in admitting this belief that football game has become violent now, and many things folks like about it is the violence. It also poses a great impact on the lives of people. Football has been a brutal sport forever. It means that violence and football are not new whatsoever. In the past, this violence has flowed and ebbed as rules modification to limit the dangers. It has gone back to the top again, and the issue is whether you may correct the game.

It seems like rugby, another popular sport in the USA. Though rugby can also be a violent sport, it pales in comparison to USA football. USA football players are stronger and larger than the players of rugby. They wear protective equipment that makes the game riskier. In rugby, you do not need to wear helmets and pads; you cannot inflict the body damage that you may face in football when you wear armor under your uniform. According to many experts, if football players wear a pad that resembles closely to rugby gear, there may be few injuries.

However, many football lovers avoid confronting this main aspect of the sport. They are of the view that they enjoy this sport for the strategic acumen showed by the great coaches. Or they will relate to the display of American values such as individual sacrifice, teamwork and discipline for a greater cause. It can be understood as a metaphor for war and life like other sports we want to watch.

In my final remarks, I would like to say that people should watch this game learn the value of good sportsmanship but not for violence.  If they favor the violence in sports that brings a lot of injuries to adults and kids, then they have serious issues that go beyond the sports subject.

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