Virtual reality helps all levels of quarterback improve decision making

Virtual reality continues to make its way into the sports industry. More and more, coaches and players are strapping on head sets, resembling futuristic cyborgs instead of part of a football team.

Many big names in technology – from Google to Sony to Microsoft to Samsung – continue to expand their technology. Virtual reality is not just a way to watch videos or play games. Virtual headsets are now being used to teach athletes how to be better players.
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Now, Eon Sports is building Sidekick, a virtual headset that players wear while watching a screen on their mobile phone or computer. It puts the wearer inside a player’s helmet as if you’re a quarterback reacting to a blitz or throwing a pass to a receiver.
This tool to help football players improve their games will hit the market in the spring.

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“It’s an educational Madden video game,” Eon Sports co-founder Brendan Reilly said. “Players experience football in real time like in a video game.”

Affordable cutting-edge technology

Primarily targeted at high schools, Sidekick’s software will cost $39, which includes six different positions with former Chicago Bears head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Ditka the biggest name involved. It can be pre-ordered through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, but eventually will be available in big-box retail stores and through Eon Sports’ website.

Trying new technology can be intimidating at first for many coaches and parents. People are naturally afraid of the cost and the learning curve.

However, with each generation of a product, the cost comes down considerably and the learning curve is lessened. For parents and coaches of youth leagues on up, the technology is here today. Every edge you can provide to your athletes gives them more chances to improve their skills.

This new technology from Eon Sports allows for virtually unlimited repetitions without player-on-player contact.

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