Want to Play American Football in Denmark?

Triangle Razorbacks launch international scholarship program

One of Denmark’s leading American football clubs, the Triangle Razorbacks, are starting a international scholarship program for high school and bachelor students. The program will accommodate students and athletes from the beginning of 2017.

If you sign up for their program, you will be able to attend a business education institution (high school or bachelor level), train with the some of Denmark’s top coaches including the Razorbacks head coach Sebastian Fandert (Germany), and of course be part of one of Denmark’s most successful American football programs.

The program includes an apartment, full accommodation at the school, payment for working with the club. The program is for EU citizens only. All classes will be in English. Athletes that have already completed a degree will not be considered.

The first tryouts are on December 11th at Campus Vejle at Boulevarden 48, 7100 Vejle, Denmark.  Temporary accommodation for the event may be arranged. All activities of the day are indoor activities at Campus Vejle. Please bring indoor sports shoes and workout clothes.

Interested players should contact the Triangle Razorbacks Vice Chairman Michael Panayotis at [email protected].

To learn more visit the Razorbacks Scholarship Programme Facebook Page.

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