Warsaw Eagles reinforce defense with Darian Lindsey

 On Saturday March 25th Poland’s Topliga of American football begins it’s 2017 when the Tychy Falcons host the Warsaw Eagles.

Recently signed defensive import Darian Lindsey joins an Eagles squard that is looking to climb back into the top half of the Topliga, and put spoil the debut of Lonnie Hursey’s Tychy Falcons in Poland top tier.

Lindsey played at Texas A&M Commerce in 2014-2015 earning a All-Conference honor on the Lonestar Conference 1st team defense All. After his senior season he tried his hand with the 2016 NFL Draft and then an open try-out with the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders. A defensive back by trade, Lindsey is expected to be used at many skilled positions with the Eagles.

American Football International chatted with Darian ahead of the Eagles season opener against the Falcons.

American Football International: How did you come to sign with the Warsaw Eagles?

Darian Lindsey: Our Head coach Kirk Mastromatteo called me back in before December of 2016 saying he saw my highlight tape from college he was interested in signing defensive back that was hard hitting and playmaker like myself. I told our head coach he called the right man for the job and I ended up signing at the end of December.

AFI: Did you know about American football outside the U.S. or in Poland before this?

Lindsey: I knew there were European leagues but I did not know there was a Poland league until the head coach contacted me about playing for Eagles.

AFI: What are you looking forward to most about playing in Poland?

Lindsey: What I’m looking forward to most about playing in Poland is definitely getting a good experience on and off the field and bringing good leadership to the Eagles. And winning the championship for the team. I definitely want to be known as one of the best defensive players this year for the league.

AFI: What can you tell us about your impression our your Eagles teammates and the organization thusfar?

Lindsey: The Eagles really have good set of guys on the team. They definitely come to work hard and they stay focus on bringing a championship to the team this year. The organization is very professional when it comes everything on and off the field.

AFI: Any thoughts about this weekend’s game against the Tchcy Falcons? Falcons HC Lonnie Hursey has quite a history with American football in Europe.

Lindsey: It’s definitely going be a good game for both teams this weekend. I know both teams have been preparing for each other since camp. It’s just time to get on the field and let the pads talk. I don’t know too much about Tychy Falcons head coach Lonnie Hursey so I can’t really speak on him.

AFI: Finally, what do you think you bring to the Warsaw Eagles, on and off the field, for the club?

Lindsey: I think I’m going to bring good leadership ,attitude and just being a playmaker on field. I definitely feel like I can bring a huge impact player this year for the eagles. And off field i feel Like I bring good professionalism to the eagles and I try to be just good teammates for my team.

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John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.