Watch Highlights Of Ireland’s Belfast Trojans Clash With Sewanee Tigers From Tennessee

In May 2016, the NCAA Division III college team, the Sewanee Tigers of Tennessee made the cross-Atlantic trip to Ireland to face the four-time Shamrock Bowl Champions, the Belfast Trojans.

In a match that marked the 10 year anniversary of the Trojans formation, the game was played in front of an excited crowd who witnessed an outstanding game of football at sun-soaked Deramore Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The University of the South, who play their football as members of the Southern Athletic Association offered one of the toughest challenges the Trojans have faced in their history. The fixture ended with a narrow 27-20 win in favour of the Tigers, but the Trojans showed they were more than a match for the students in a game that included a special teams touchdown that resembled that of the Music City Miracle’.

It proved to be a momentous occasion for the Trojans and Irish American Football to have hosted a team of Sewanee’s calibre on Irish soil. Below contains a highlight video of the match, produced by videographer¬†Lyndsay McVeigh.

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