Ways To Stay Motivated And Become A Better Football Player

To be successful in any sport you need to have motivation. The right motivation which propels you in the right direction will ensure success in the sport. In American football, every player faces many problems every day, it all depends on the concerned individual to stay motivated so that they can achieve what they set about to do. Since it is a team game the team should stay motivated and on course to achieve success together. So let us look at ways to stay motivated and become a better football player.


To become a better player you need to practice and keep repeating the process day in and day out. In fact, there is a theory known as the 10000 hour theory which states that if you practice any skill for 10000 hours you will master that skill. There are some doubters of the theory too. But we can at least believe the old saying, ‘practice makes a man perfect’. So be serious with your practice. There will come a time when practice will seem too hard, you will feel like giving up, but if you channel your inner motivation and get through the phase you will have succeeded in getting to the next phase. During the time that you feel like giving up you will need the support of your team mates too. You should also know that if you do not practice, you will not be your 100 percent and when one person in a team does not give 100 percent the results can be bad for the whole team, so make sure that you are prepared to go the whole hog for your team.


Competition is a major motivation. When you have something to compete for, you put in that extra effort, you go the extra mile to win, so make a list of the competition. The competition can be the opposition team, a player from the opposition or even a player from your own team who can be considered friendly competition. Whenever you feel like giving up, just visualize what your competition would be doing at the same time, whether they would be giving up or gearing up to win. You can even check websites like lines.com and check for NFL news and news about your competition. If you channelize this in a positive way you can have healthy competition with others and also be an athlete whom your peers look up to.


Most sports persons fail because they do not analyze their own game. When you are successful or on the course to be successful, you will find a lot of people providing a lot of information, not all of which would be true. They will provide you with details which you want to hear, but if you do a self-analysis, you will know where you are going wrong, what you need to do to become better, whom to speak to regarding your flaws etc. Once you analyze your game you will be even more motivated to iron the flaws and head towards your goal of becoming one of the best football players ever.

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