What Are the Best NFL Streaming Sites?

For true NFL sports fans, information regarding the best nfl streaming sites is gold. It is out there, and it is available to all of you thanks to the modern marvel that is the internet. Not only can you subscribe to an official platform and catch primetime NFL action anywhere on the go, but you can also access free NFL streaming sites with one click. However, there is a catch. Since most NFL coverage is sourced from channels in the United States, you will most likely run into what is called geographical blocking if you access that content outside of the US. Well, fortunately, there is now a solution out there that will bring joy to you and rid you of this hindrance. It is called a Virtual Private Network (VPN).! Let’s talk about the best NFL streaming websites as well as introduce you to VPNs. Finally, you will be taught how to set up your VPN optimally to unblock geographically limited content.

What is a VPN?

Think of a VPN as a network security tool that is your friend. A VPN, or virtual private network, is a popular network security software for its ability to encrypt (secure) a user’s connection and allow the user to change the location of their IP address. This goes on automatically in the background when you choose a server from a list of servers in another country. VPN users get both security and anonymity in one application, which is why VPNs are so popular (not to mention the benefits which you will discover below). However, remember that you will need a premium VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN to do this successfully (and many others you can find on other VPN review sites). Free VPNs are less eager to unblock NFL streams properly and may have speed caps. Aside from some rare ones like Proton, don’t use free services for your good.

How To Access Free NFL Streams 

First, we have selected the best free streaming sites to watch NFL below; 

  • USTV  GO 
  • 123 television 
  • Live Football TV 
  • Be alive 
  • Stream2Watch 
  • StreamNFL 
  • NFLBites 
  • NFLWebcast 
  • SportLemonTV 
  • CricFreeTV 
  • BuffStreams 
  • BossCast

The free media portals above may not be not legal, but it is not exactly unsafe. They get content from legitimate platforms and stream it for free. Unless your country has clear laws about using VPNs and free streaming, you can access them without any problems (many people do). 

Configuring Your VPN 

Setting up a VPN to unblock free NFL streaming is very easy, even if you are not familiar with computers. You subscribe to and download the app, which will ask you for some permissions and then start working. You should also configure the VPN to start together with your operating system so that you are connected throughout the day. Perhaps the only complicated part here is paying for the VPN subscription service which only costs a few dollars a month.  

VPN apps are easy to use, especially the NordVPN app, but before downloading a VPN, make sure you download a good privacy browser like Mozilla or Brave (or Tor for the extreme configuration) and look through your security settings. )Privacy and security settings can be found throughout the menus. After all, your browser is your entry point to the Internet and the most care should be given to the browser settings and the brand of the browser you use.

Next, download your VPN for one of your devices (smartphone, laptop, smart TV, tablet, etc.) that you have registered with the VPN provider, and start the application before entering any stream. Now connect to a VPN in the United States using your VPN app such as to the nearest country. Depending on whether you are near the East Coast or the West Coast of the United States, choose the one you are physically closer to.

Next, try to access one of the streams above. So, it works? Well, this is exactly why millions of people have discovered and are using VPNs. Great, isn’t it? Remember, free streams aren’t always the best way to catch the NFL. Most of them will plaster you with ads, perhaps even malicious links and redirects. If you want HD (High-Definition) some sites will require you to create an account. Other times, you may suffer slow speeds and not enough security. 

Do not worry, though. Being behind a reputable VPN, you won’t have to worry about security, malicious ads, or hackers. Then again, it would be best to subscribe to official NFL services from sports platforms such as ESPN, NBC, Redzone, The NFL Network, and many more. This will give you the experience you wanted. Did you know that a VPN can also help you access these legitimate subscriptions from outside the United States? That is the magic of VPNs for you.

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