What evolution awaits the M4A1-S in CS2?

CS2 will soon be available to all users. The game has been created on the Source 2 engine with a realistic rendering system, optimized lighting and graphics, all intriguing and exciting users around the world.

The developers say they’ve made changes to every system and piece of content. In particular, the maps have been fundamentally reworked, and the skins of many types of weapons have been made more detailed. Therefore, it will be even more interesting for fans of m4a1 skins to choose and, if necessary, trade them.

Another update is smoke grenades, which are now volumetric dynamic objects that interact with the environment and react to lighting, shots and explosions. And the server clock frequency no longer affects the player: regardless of the speed of running, movement and shooting will always occur in the same way, and grenades will fall in the right place every time.

What will change in skins?

As we said earlier, skins will become more detailed and colorful. For example, on M4A1-S | Dark Water there is a chrome coating as a base and background. There are also certain obvious differences from other skins:

  • patterns and stripes of a metallic shade have been applied to the chrome surface;
  • the barrel and the inside of the telescopic mechanism of the buttstock are painted in a more intense black color.

At the same time, if the skin is exposed to the sun, the gray and black colors shimmer harmoniously, which makes it even more realistic. In Minimal Wear exterior, this skin starts at $69.

Another prime example of quality improvement is M4A1-S | Golden Coil. This skin has a black matte finish as a background on the entire surface of the automatic rifle. There is a golden image in the form of snake skin, plants and the snake itself, which, as it were, attacks its target. This skin has a bright color, and in CS2 it looks like it has been covered with real gold. The Factory New exterior skin costs from $200.

What will happen to prices?

Many users thought about what would happen with skins. CS2 will keep all skins from CS:GO. The developer confirmed the inventory port on the official website, to which the market immediately reacted: many skins increased in price by 15–20%. More precisely, they returned to their previous prices after the price dropped due to rumors of a new game.

However, there will be skins that will become a real target among CS users and lovers. Moreover, there remain some users who consider skins as an investment. This will be especially true at the initial stage of the release of a new version, when demand will clearly exceed supply.

And in this situation, it is important not to miss the moment and choose the right platform for trading, because not all sites are able to transfer money to the player’s personal account. For example, the official community does not facilitate money withdrawals.

However, there are specialized sites where you can withdraw and earn money — for example, DMarket. The platform has established itself among users, has a large selection of payment systems and a small commission, which is retained by the systems themselves.

CS2 will be a new opportunity for profit among users, as interest has increased due to the release of the new version, which indicates the opportunity to speculate on prices and earn money selling skins.

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