What To Do During NFL Halftime

In the NFL (National Football League), there are always halftime breaks. Usually, they’re around 12 minutes long. However, for major events such as the Super Bowl, halftime can last significantly longer. Just look at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show, where Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and 50 Cent all performed.

Naturally, many NFL fans find halftime to be incredibly boring. After all, it brings a halt to the action and leaves you counting down the minutes until the next half to start.

With that said, when you next watch an NFL game from home and the halftime break arrives, here are some fun suggestions for how to fill the gap:

1.    Play Online Casino Games

Firstly, if you have a smartphone or laptop nearby, you can play some online casino gambling games. This is a great way to keep your mind focused and energy levels high.

A lot of the games available – such as slots – are typically very short. This means you have plenty of time to fit in a handful of games before the NFL action resumes.

2.    Load Up Madden NFL 22

Have you downloaded Madden NFL 22? If so, you should load it up at halftime!

You’ve got just enough time to fit in a game with a friend or play a randomer from around the world. Or, if you’re pushing it for time, you can edit your Ultimate Team and add some new players to it. For example, you might be desperate for a new quarterback.

3.    See What Twitter is Saying

Whether the New England Patriots or Chicago Bears are playing, Twitter is always alight with discussion when it comes to the NFL.

During the halftime break, you have an excellent opportunity to see which players are trending and what the main discussion points are.

Plus, if you feel like it, you can even tweet out your own opinions on the game to let your followers know what you think. If you use relevant hashtags, such as #NFL and the hashtag of the team you support, you’ll be able to gain traction on your tweets and experience more followers.

Just recently, Tom Brady announced he was coming out of retirement, which broke Twitter! Everyone had something to say about it, with thousands of tweets flying out per minute as the world reacted to the return of an NFL icon.

4.    Check Your Fantasy Team

NFL Fantasy Football is a free online game that most NFL die-hard fans love.

During the halftime break, you have the perfect opportunity to check how your team pick is doing.

If you’re having a great Sunday afternoon, you’ll hopefully have accumulated a lot of points.

5.    Go Grab a Drink

Finally, don’t forget to go grab a drink, whether it’s from your fridge or a convenience store down the road.

NFL games are long, which means you need something to quench your thirst during the action and intervals. Whether it’s an ice-cold beer or Pepsi Max, make your decision wisely!

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