What to do when the football season is over

The world is a gloomy place when there’s no football to watch. When you’re completely obsessed with football, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. Whether it’s the off-season or there are just no games to watch, here’s what to do.

Go throw a football with your friends

This might seem a bit left-field, but you could actually go and play some football with your friends. Don your team’s colors and head to the local park. You never know, you might find a hidden talent for the sport if you stop watching it for five minutes.

Buy your favorite team’s apparel

You can use this downtime to stock up on your team’s apparel, so you really look the part at the next game. Everyone respects a fan that owns every piece of apparel in the team store. It just shows how dedicated you are to your team.

Go to a sports bar

A good sports bar will always find something to put on when there’s no football. You can sit at the bar, meet some like-minded people, and complain about the lack of games. Alternatively, you could check out another sport like basketball or hockey.

Re-watch old games

The internet is a wonderful place for bored football fans. You can watch just about any old game if you spend enough time digging. Scour through the archives and watch games from the past. Be warned though, you might start to get nostalgic and pine for your favorite retired players.

Argue with your friends about how the next season will go

There’s nothing like an ill-informed argument about the next season with your pals. Proudly claim that your team is going to win it and watch chaos ensue. You could also bash your friend’s favorite teams for some extra entertainment.

Just stare at your phone

If you really can’t find any inspiration, you could just stare at your phone. Maybe download some mobile games to distract yourself. Or watch last season’s clips on YouTube.

Play Madden NFL

If you’re a football fan and you haven’t played Madden NFL, you’re missing out. You can play a full season as a manager or a player. Alternatively, you can play against your buddies (or complete strangers) online. This is just about the closest thing you can get to actually watching the football. And the best thing is, you get to control the players!

Get way too into your college team’s spring game

If the season is over and you’re missing pro football, why don’t you get into college football instead? The spring game should keep you going in the off-season. Plus, you can start picking the best up-and-coming players for your fantasy football season.

Convince yourself this is your team’s year

Feeling down and out after last year’s performance? Don’t worry. This next season is going to be the year. Why not spend this free time convincing yourself that this is going to be your team’s year. Then you can set about being disappointed by every defeat.

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