What You Need to Know before Betting on American Football

Being one of the most popular sports, American football naturally piques the interest of sports bettors.

Many people, who have been in the betting space for a long time, try to ace betting on this sport.

However, betting on American football, despite being another form of soccer, has some differences that a bettor must know of.

And that is the moot purpose of this article. In this article, we shall discuss some of the technicalities associated with American football.

And we shall also see how a sports bettor can navigate the risks and odds to win the bets. American football works on similar dynamics as any other type of football.

However, it is the differences that one needs to concentrate on to master betting on this sport.

Therefore, without any delay, let us check some of these odds and terminologies and get to know the sport better.

The Betting Odds:

The first factor that every bettor must learn of is the betting odds related to any sport. Understanding the betting odds makes it easy to navigate the risks better than anyone else.

And speaking of the odds, there are three popular forms of odds in American football.

  • Decimal Odds
  • Fractional Odds
  • Moneyline Odds

The most comfortable of all odds is the decimal odds. Calculations and predictions with this type are easier than the other two.

However, it is unwise to concentrate only on the decimal odds and ignore the other two.

Half information can be dangerous.

And not knowing these odds can push you towards making dangerous predictions.

The Types of Football Bets:

Now that you have a basic knowledge of the betting odds, we must discuss a few types of football bets.

With the latest technological innovations, bookmakers are now offering a plethora of options in betting.

From the traditional forms of bets to the more exotic forms, the types of bets are plenty.

Sites like www.usafriendlypokersites.com have options for bettors to choose their preferred form of bets.

The Point Spread is the most common way of betting on American football. In this type of a bet, there is an estimated final margin for a match.

The margin is usually that of 50/50. And the bettors can wager on any side of the margin. This type of betting is the simplest and the most basic one.

Another type of bet usually found in American football is the Over Under bet. This type of bet is also simple and is similar to point spread.

However, in this type of bet, bookmakers work with the total points that shall be scored in a match. Bettors have to bet whether the match will have over or under the set points.

The point spread and the over under bet are two simplest forms of betting. The calculations are quite easy. And this is why bettors prefer this form of betting.

Betting on Moneylines is also another popular form of betting in American football. This type of betting is also as simple as it can get.

A bettor must only wager on who they think would win, that is, the outcome of the match. Some bettors who have been in this field for a long time mix up the types of bets.

For instance, they mix point spreads with moneylines, and this increases their chances of winning.

Learn How to Place the Bets:

All the knowledge about the technical aspects of betting shall be of no use if you do not know how to bet.

For instance, always stay in the loop. Know what is happening in American football. Stay updated about the players and the teams to place better bets.

Also, always trust your own judgments and do not take everyone’s advice. Keep you calm and stay aware.


American football is an interesting sport with great odds and chances of winning. Bettors have immense room to make money.

They only need to use their wits and better judgments. That and a bit of luck shall go a long way in deciding the fate of the bettors.

Plus, understanding the betting odds and lines shall also increase the chances of winning. Every sport has its own risks.

A bettor must always be prepared to take these risks up or lose the chances of winning. Therefore, if you are considering American football to bet on, understand the risks and only then proceed.

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