Which US Horse Betting Sites Have the Best Payouts?

When it comes to horse betting, many online portals have cropped up in the last decade or so. Although horse betting is banned in some US states, it’s still one of the most popular categories in the gambling world.

Horse betting has a long-standing tradition in the United States. Unlike other sports, it is associated with a more high-end crowd. There’s a charm to horse betting that is unmistakable.

Sites like horsebetting.com offer plenty of well-researched articles, strategies, and bonus offers for bettors in the US. They can also help you compute the odds and calculate your potential payoffs.

US horse betting websites with the best payouts:

1.    4njbets Highlights

With over 150 races, 4njbets Highlights has a wide variety of horse races. Its mobile application has a seamless interface that makes browsing easier. It’s excellent for newcomers and veteran bettors. The best thing about this is the live feature option, giving an edge to those who do not want to take the risk of choosing before the race starts.

2.    Xpressbet

Operating under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Racing Commission, this site has an excellent track record. Ever since it started in 2002, it has offered a vast variety of sports and unparalleled signup offers. It is considered one of the most reputable betting websites in the US.

3.    Twinspires

Twinspires is a well-known horseracing brand. It was acquired by Churchill Downs Incorporated, the company overseeing the famous racetrack in Kentucky. Users benefit from the simple interface and exceptional signup offers. They have great payouts and a wide range of features to choose from.

4.    TVG Highlights

TVG stands out because of its amazing bonus points and rewards for newcomers. They also have extensive track coverage and data that span over two decades of races. You can get valuable insights on horse betting that will boost your chances of winning.

5.    Unibet

Apart from horse betting, this site offers a variety of options for sports betting as well. Users can access online casinos, join a virtual poker game, or bet on the biggest teams in sports. It’s great for people who want to try their luck at online horse betting.

6.    BetAmerica

With over 5,000 races per year, BetAmerica is a huge deal in the world of horse racing. It has excellent offers and great rewards for its online users. This platform is also owned by Churchill Downs Incorporated. It has a great history of horse betting ever since it was started in the mid-nineteenth century. This site falls under the jurisdiction of the North Dakota Racing Commission.

Criteria for Choosing a Horse Betting Site

Many of these online options offer live betting, which increases the odds of winning. However, you should also take into account these criteria when selecting a betting site:

  • Reputation and reviews
  • Bonuses and rewards
  • Kind of payouts
  • Legality in your state
  • Customer service
  • Useful information on horses and trainers
  • Up-to-date odds
  • Guides and tips for beginners

Final Thoughts

As discussed, horse racing is a unique gambling experience. Since luck is a key factor in winning, bettors experience a bigger thrill when their horse crosses the finish line first.

It’s not just luck though. You also need to do some research to succeed in horse betting. Seasoned bettors study the race for an entire year before placing a bet. They look at all aspects before putting their money in.

It can be quite exciting to pick a horse and watch the race in real time. This experience becomes even more intoxicating when money is involved. However, you should avoid placing huge bets unless you are sure of all the risks involved.

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