Who Are The Coaches Dominating the NFL at The Moment

The start of the new season may still be a few months away, but we can already rank who the best coaches in the league are right now. A few of these coaches are already in line to be Hall of Famers, let alone the best coaches at the moment.

Everyone from Mike Tomlin to Andy Reid and Bill Belichick had really great seasons, and as mentioned, this post will go through the best coaches currently in the game. And if you are looking for the best ways to bet on american football visit Betway.

Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin has been the head coach at the Steelers for over 14 years now. In many people’s eyes, he is still very much under-appreciated, even though he has clearly been doing a stellar job year in and year out.

Even though he has only been part of one Super Bowl winning team, back in 2002 when he was the Defensive Back coach for the Buccaneers, he has been helping the Steelers grow every single year since he took over. They finished last season 12-4, and were 1st in the AFC North, only to lose to the Browns in the Wild Card game. Tomline and the Steelers have momentum, 2021 could be their year.

Sean McDermott

A team that went fairly under the radar during the past season, the Buffalo Bills and Sean McDermott went 13-3, which tied them with the Green Bay Packers for the best record in the league, and eventually finished the league with a record of 15-4.

The Bills finished at the top of the AFC East Division, and lost to eventual Super Bowl final contenders, the Chiefs, in the AFC Championship Game. Even Though McDermott was heavily questioned for his decision and play making options by fans, his success with the team this past season is very hard to ignore.

Sean McVay

Sean McVay might be young, but he has been coaching the Rams like a veteran with 30 years under his belt. While the Rams were unable to secure a Super Bowl spot, they played incredibly well, and finished the season with a respectable record.

They went 5-3 in the first half of the season, and eventually ended it 10-6, which included a win against the eventual Super Bowl Champions the Bucs. they finished second in the NFC West, and lost to the Packers in the NFC Divisional Game, however, McVay and his Rams still have a lot to offer, and they can easily turn 2021 into their season.

Bruce Arians

Considering the Bucs won the Super Bowl, obviously Arians would be on this list. The second biggest event in their season was signing Tom Brady and getting Gronk out of retirement to play with Brady.

This proved to be the move that secured them the Super Bowl title, as both Brady and Gronk, with Arians at the reigns, played like they were in their prime all over again. The Bucs had their first playoff victories since 2002, and absolutely smashed the Chiefs 31-9 to secure that Super Bowl ring.

Andy Reid

Andy Reid and his Chiefs were not only most likely the favorites to win the Super Bowl, but the idea of going back-to-back almost seemed trivial considering how good they were playing.

The Chiefs went 14-2, two victories more than their Super Bowl winning season, as well as being the best record in franchise history, as well as Reid’s best season as a coach. They finished top of the AFC West. Their loss to the Bucs was a complete surprise, it wasn’t even close, however, you would be mistaken if you think that didn’t light a fire under them. The Chiefs can go 15-1, maybe even 16-0, we just got to wait and see if it happens.

Bill Belichick

While Belichick and his Patriots were fairly average this past season, it is still Bill Belichick, a man widely regarded as one of the best head coaches in the game. While his 2021 was unsuccessful, Belichick and his Patriots haven’t been.

The Patriots went 7-9 and finished 3rd in the AFC East, this comes off the back of their 12-4 2019 season, where they finished top in the AFC East, and lost to the Titans in the Wild Card game.

Even though their 2020 was disappointing, it can easily be the catalyst for the Patriots and Belichick to bounce back. Losing Brady and Gronk would have hurt, but they can make it back to the top, they have done it before.

As you can see, there are a number of coaches currently in the league that are some of the best we have seen in the past decade or two. Even the younger managers, like Sean McVay, have proven that age isn’t a problem, and being older does mean you are better.

The 2021/22 season is already set up to be another one for the books, as there are many teams and coaches that are looking for retribution for last season, whether it is because of poor performances, or from just missing out on a franchise changing game. Visit our friends at Betway for all of the lines on the action in this upcoming season. Besides that, all we can do is wait and see.

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