Who Are The NFL Richest Players At The Moment?

The NFL is famous for having some seriously well-paid football players amongst its ranks. However, 2019 has seen some impressive salaries being dished out to the biggest and best-known players on the field. Is the only way that you’re likely to see a million dollars is if you scoop a huge win at one of the top online casinos at Bestonlinecasinooffers.net? Then you’ll no doubt feel horribly jealous when you take a look at how much the highest-paid football players can command. Take a quick look below and see how healthy the bank balance of some of the most famous stars can be!

Matt Ryan

With an enormous combined salary and bonuses of $21.5 million and then a further $5 million-worth of endorsements, Ryan holds the honour of being the very first NFL player to be paid on average $30 million each season. He recently restructured his contract, clearing the salary-cap space and receiving almost $9 million of his salary upfront. Not only is he paid a whopping salary, Ryan has ten different endorsement partners including big names brands like Mercedes, IBM and Bike. His total earnings of $26.5 million don’t even include the impressive $23.25 million of his signing bonus from 2018 which was deferred to this April.

Brandin Cooks

Cooks was traded to the Los Angeles Rams from the New England Patriots in 2018, having signed a 5-year contract worth $81 million. In March, his current team exercised their $17 million option bonus to extend their deal until 2023. His salary comes in at $27.5 million with bonuses taken into account, and he also has $500,000-worth of endorsements, ensuring his bank balance is extremely healthy this season.

Trey Flowers

Flowers has signed a $90 million five-year free-agent contract in March 2019 with the Detroit Lions which included an outstanding $56 million of guaranteed money. The 2-time winner of the Super Bowl is now the 6th highest paid defender as well as the 3rd highest paid defensive end in the entire NFL. His yearly salary plus bonuses comes in at $28.9 million and his endorsements stand at $250,000 this year alone.

Kirk Cousins

Last year, Cousins cashed in with the Minnesota Vikings for the huge sum of $84 million across three years. This is a pact which is unique amongst multi-year NFL contracts since all of that money is fully guaranteed. His yearly salary and bonuses combined come in at $28 million while he has almost $2 million in endorsements.

DeMarcus Lawrence

In April, DeMarcus Lawrence signed a $105 million 5-year extension which will keep him at Dallas until the end of the 2023 season. With an average salary of $21 million, he has the honour of being the highest earner among all defensive ends. He also has endorsements of $150,000 annually.

Nick Foles

March 2019 saw Foles signing a 4-year deal worth $88 million with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Of that, $50 million of his earnings are guaranteed. This year, he also become the first mainstream athlete to endorse the Lululemon apparel brand, and his endorsements fee stands at $2 million.

Tom Brady

In 2019, Brady signed a brand new Patriots deal which pays him $23 million. Although this is an impressive sum, it’s quite a bargain considering that Tom Brady is a 6-time champion of the Super Bowl. 12 other quarterbacks are currently earning more annually than he is. Brady is also the most marketable player in the NFL, although he has put most of his focus and attention onto his lifestyle brand TB12 over the past few years, overlooking many of the other endorsements which he has been offered. His endorsements currently stand at $12 million after he signed on to pitch Molecule Mattresses, an online start-up, in exchange for a company equity stake and took up an offer from IWC, a Swiss luxury watch brand, to endorse their products.

Drew Brees

Currently, Brees holds the honour of being the career leader in passing yards in the NFL, having received no less than twelve Pro Bowl nods. In 2018 he signed an extension to his contract for two more years with the new Orleans Saints which is worth a cool $50 million. As a veteran of 18 years experience on the field, he has earned over $220 million in the course of his career and is leading the way among all his fellow players when it comes to off-field money. He owns over a dozen Dunkin’ and Jimmy John’s franchises and has made investments in Waitr, a food delivery service. He has also donated money to academic institutions and good causes in the West Lafayette/Purdue, San Diego and New Orleans communities.

Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger, sometimes known as Big Ben, was awarded a signing bonus of $37.5 million when he signed an extension to his contract in April 2019. Since his first section in 2004’s NFL Draft, this quarterback has earned a huge $232 million from the Steelers, which is currently the 4th highest among all active players.

Russell Wilson

Wilson owns Seattle Sounders with his wife Ciara and has invested in the Portland Diamond Project, an enterprise which is aiming to bring to Oregon an MLB team. Drafted in 2010 by the Colorado Rockies, Russell Wilson has an enormous salary plus bonuses of $90 million as well as $9 million-worth of endorsements, ensuring that he is leading the way in terms of his earnings.

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