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If you are fond of football and tend to stay on the edge of the latest tech innovations, you have probably heard about fantasy football. This trend in virtual sport has become mainstream among fans worldwide. Fantasy football keeps enlarging its multi-million global user-base every year.

Experts predict that virtual games demand can even outrun traditional football due to the more in-depth human interaction and fair matches. To succeed in fantasy football, you should set up the unbeaten draft that would lead your team to the triumphal victory. In this article, we’ll uncover tips on how to start and build a winning model in FF.

Facts to know about the FF background

  • There’ve been many debates and controversial theories behind the official ‘birthday’ of fantasy football. One theory claims that FF (close to its up-to-date form) was invented by the Raiders’ PR officer Bill Tunnel and journalist Scott Stirling in 1962. These two men evolved a prototype of the contemporary VR sport, which marked the rise of iGaming tech solutions.
  • Another theory names the Italian reporter Riccardo Albini to be a father of the modern FF. Albini also released a series of publications, in which he answered popular questions and explained the fantasy games principles.
  • Other inquirers admit that modern FF began in 1997 due to the CBS The company launched the first beta website that operated as a platform where real users performed as supervisors for virtual NFL players. The brand-new creation hit the Internet by storm and marked a revolution of the fantasy sport worldwide.

FF’s basics

According to the report by SportsBusinessJournal, over 80% of fantasy sport involvement goes to football. The user-base of Fantasy Premier League counts more than 4M worldwide, and this number grows exponentially every new season.

You don’t have to be Einstein to learn the FF rules as the basics are similar to the classic game. The crucial difference is that ordinary people but not the industry giants rule the process. Casual users act as supervisors of virtual teams. They can buy and sell players, form their invincible strategies, join leagues, and compete with other managers and their teams.

The matches are held weekly until a team wins the league. Similar to traditional games, footballers may suffer injuries and be replaced by their managers. Games flow occurs by seasons.  Users build their teams according to the draft model. Drafts are the most thrilling part of the FF drift, during which owners alternately pick up players from the virtual list until they close the rosters.

As we see, nothing harsh about learning the FF basics. But if you plan to succeed and become a frontrunner among FF gurus, building a strategy upfront will be useful.

Who should I start in FF?

It is a No.1 popular question that bothers FF fans. We need to disappoint you as there is no single golden rule for each user. Everything depends on your expectations, personal preferences, and primary goal as a virtual team’s boss. Still, there is a proven strategy that helps owners lead their teams to victory.

Do market research

When talking about traditional football with real players, it will be hard to forecast a game outcome without studying the market. Rosters, MVPs, injuries, management strategy, history of previous losses and winnings, teams’ news – are integral points to consider before making the game forecasts. In fantasy football, things run by the same principle. If you want to succeed in this niche – don’t be lazy to research the market.

Pick up your favorites

Blind strategy in building a FF team is not the winning path. When you pick up the players (even virtual) without having a tiny idea of their scoring history and skills background, it’s like taking a shot in the darkness. Experienced managers know that top-rate players are ‘sold out’ in the first turn. If you don’t want to enter the league with a weak team, set up the favorites list beforehand.

Keep both eyes open at the drafts

Online drafts in FF resemble a wrestling arena as participants often have ‘to fight’ with competitors to grab the biggest stars to their teams. As the drafting process takes place online in real-time, it is vital to close the roster before others. Remember that you can pick up one player at a time, so choose mindfully.

Consider alternative solutions

Even if you miss your big chance at the drafting stage, it’s not the reason to cry a river. Similar to classic football, FF affords the players’ transfers. Team owners can sell and buy footballers every week. If you aim to strengthen your position with a prosperous player, you can send a trade offer. Similarly, to get rid of the weak link, you can sell the player or place him to rest on the bench. After all, you are the boss of your fantasy team!

Plan the positions

The right players’ positioning is a half of success on the field, and skilled managers know it. Some players show better results in the attacking position, while others perform as high-score defenders. Football experts always release FF players’ rankings ahead of each season. If you don’t plan to stay at the sidelines, monitor the rankings beforehand to know the season’s favorites.

FF prospects in 2020

At the time when traditional sport may be placed on pause considering a fast-changing situation in the world caused by the COVID-19, virtual sport may be at its rise. People’s engagement is easy to explain. FF combines a perfect combo of human interaction, accessibility, and top-notch technologies that help participants feel their actual relevance.

According to the WorldBookmakers’ experts, punters’ demand on fantasy football can soon outshine old-fashioned games. Pundits explain that gamblers’ involvement with FF will keep growing in 2020 due to the immense flexibility, equitable outcomes, and flawless game runs of the fantasy sport events.  Wagering on fantasy football is one of the top requests among modern bettors.

It is too early to say that virtual sport will replace traditional on a global scale. Still, it’s hard to deny that we currently witness a revolution of the old-fashioned model of running the games.


It is not so complicated to reach great heights in fantasy football if you learn the basics, set up a strategy, and stay up-to-the-minute about the teams’ news. Follow the trends, pick up your favorites, and build high-score teams to become a frontrunner in the niche. Now when you know how to start in FF, you can explore the fantasy sport’s boundless opportunities by yourself.

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