Who Will Win the 2019 Super Bowl

The most eagerly awaited sporting league in America, NFL, which culminates with the Super Bowl, involves months of thrilling action, packed with unbearable losses, exciting victories, and never-ending debates. With the preseason on its way, fans, and punters are just about ready to get into the groove of watching and cheering for their favourite players as the competition gets tougher with each passing year.

There is still quite a while before we get to see who will reach the Super Bowl this year, but that doesn’t stop the bookies, pundits, and punters from predicting the results. A smart bettor will make sure that they take advantage of early odds and make a few wagers at this stage of the competition. The remains bets can be set after the preseason with a few more once the NLF 2019 season is half-way. One must also make the most of individual games and not just stick with overall winners if they plan on scoring higher profits. Betting on NFL has a thrill of its own, and here are our top three picks for who will win the Super Bowl in 2019.

New England Patriots

In every corner of the stadium, in every household that follows American football, the New England Patriots are a hot topic of discussion. A team that has been dominating the game for the last few years, the Patriots are, without a doubt your best bet to reach the Super Bowl. The most appreciating aspect about the Patriots is their courage to take chances and break the mould. Take the re-signing for Tom Brady for the next two years. Amongst the best players in the NFL, he is also well past the typical playing age, and yet the team has shown much faith in him. The bookmakers have the Patriots as the winners with 7/1 odds, but make sure you also bet on them as AFC winners with favourable odds of 10/3, presently.

New Orleans Saints

Most likely to be NFC winners and then hopefully go on to the Super Bowl, the Saints will be looking to repeat their 2010 victory this year. The bookies are confident about their abilities and have the Saints at 10/1 odds. When planning your betting strategy, it’s always a good idea to go through all the NFL odds and understand the nuances of placing the bets across different options. New Orleans Saints are an excellent choice for punters who want to increase their profit margins by spreading their fortunes throughout the NFL while supporting a strong and winning team. Moreover, having taken on new players, such as Jacquizz Rodgers, the team is most likely to present a front that will surprise its competition when the games begin.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams will have a bit of a tough time with the Patriots leading the way in the NFC. Still, they are a strong team that has shown excellent playability. In addition to that, the Rams have Aaron Donald with them, considered amongst the best players in the NFL presently. His presence is sure to make a dramatic impact on the field. Furthermore, the team will play with Sean McVay, a young and dynamic coach that is sure to bring about a newness to the game that is likely to give the Rams a winning edge.

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