Who’s Looking Good For Super Bowl 2021?

By this stage of the season, it’s usually possible to rule out some teams, raise flags about others, and make a reasonably good guess about the sides who are looking good — and who might just go all the way. While there’s still a long way to go before Super Bowl LV takes place in February, that doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate about which teams might be going head to head at the Raymond James Stadium. So let’s dive in and take a look.

Here are four teams who could be in contention for the 55th Super Bowl title.

The Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts haven’t had too many reasons to celebrate in recent years. While they’re always in and around the playoffs, they’ve routinely fallen short when it comes to the big prize. They found themselves in the Super Bowl final twice in three years between 2007 – 2009, winning one, but since then haven’t really been close. But what about this year?

They’re not favorites, but they might just surprise a few people, and they’ll certainly gain the interest of people using free bet promotions to back a winner. They have an enviable defence, one of the best in the league, and if they can increase their potency in attack, then they might go all the way.

The Kansas City Chiefs

The list of teams to win consecutive Super Bowls is pretty exclusive; indeed, only seven sides have managed it thus far. But the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans will be reasonably confident that they can add their name to the list. Why? Because they’re the best team in the country.

They were excellent last year, and they haven’t picked up any weaknesses in the time since their Super Bowl victory at the Hard Rock Stadium. If anything, they’re stronger now. Patrick Mahomes signed a new contract and continues to be the best quarterback in the league. So yes, the Chiefs have a good shot at adding another Super Bowl to their trophy cabinet; they are the team to beat.

Pittsburgh Steelers

If you were looking for a relatively safe choice, then the Steelers would be the team to pick. They’re not always dazzling, sure, but they are consistent and well-balanced — and history has shown us that those two qualities count for a lot if you have ambitions of going all the way to the Super Bowl final. And they’ve already demonstrated that they know how to win.

They currently have an 8 – 0 record, the best in the league. Of course, we’ve seen teams make a strong start only to fall away before, but as we just said, the Steelers are well-balanced, which suggests they won’t run out of steam anytime soon.

New Orleans Saints

The strong start made by the Pittsburgh Steelers means they’re going to get a lot of the attention right now. But it’s November, not January. The New Orleans Saints are far from their best at the moment, but they are still winning games, and there’s a sense that they’re slowly beginning to bring things together.

Could this be an intentional tactic? You’d think so — you do, after all, want to play your best football at the business end of the season. Everyone knows the Saints are capable of more than they’re showing. The question is whether they’ll hit the heights needed to reach and win The Big Game.

Honorable mentions go to the San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They’re all looking reasonably good, just not as good as the teams above  — though don’t be surprised if any of those teams make it!

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