Why Football In China?

After perfecting their game in arena football, roughly 60 players will be taking their talents to China to play in the China Arena Football League. For some it’s a great way to see the world. Others view it as a way to grow the sport they love on an even bigger stage.

We asked several American players why they want to be part of this piece of football history. Wide receiver Collin Taylor, who will line up with the Beijing Lions said the teaching aspect appeals to him.

“I could not turn down the incredible experience of traveling to China, teaching the game I love, playing the game I love, and being able to soak up the culture. Also, I am honored for the opportunity to play in the inaugural season of the CAFL.”

Jordan Mosley, an offensive and defensive lineman with the Dalian Dragon Kings, takes the opportunity a step further.

“It is an amazing opportunity to take on the role of ambassador of the sport I love in a new land that has an overwhelming excitement for the sport in which we play. Their demand is so high for football and the logistics will allow this league to flourish this season and in the seasons going forward. The longevity of the league will take care of itself because of the desire to see professional football in a league format which has been long overdue in China. The fans will continue to come back to see the product year in and year out.”

Original story by Mick Moninghoff for the CAFL.

For others like wide receiver Duane Brooks and quarterback J.J. Raterink of the Guangzhou Power, the role is that of trailblazer while giving back to the game they love.

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a blessing to be awarded the opportunity to be a pioneer of the American game at this level in China,” Brooks said. “It’s a great opportunity to grow the game as well as myself while taking in the Chinese culture and giving back some of the knowledge this game has given me. Football has been a big influence and a huge part of my life while taking me places I could only imagine and may not have been able to go otherwise. Adding China to the list of places the game has taken me is an honor and an experience I will share for a lifetime,” Brooks added.

China - CAFL - J.J. Raterink

J.J. Raterink broke Kurt Warner’s AFL records in Iowa

Raterink echoed the theme of making the connection with a new fan base while expanding his horizons.

“I am extremely excited to get the opportunity to introduce the intense and exciting Arena Football game to a whole new culture and country and learn all about this part of the world. The Arena game has introduced me to more lifetime friends and given me more fantastic memories than I can count and I can’t wait to see what positive impact it has on the communities and cities where we play. Raterink added, “I am very grateful to try and expand the game worldwide which has been so great and beneficial to me.”

The first ever professional football championship in China takes place on November 5th with the CAFL China Bowl which will be played in Shanghai at Oriental Stadium.

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