Wild Card Playoffs coming up in Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego

Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego has wound up the regular season with the Wild Card Playoffs looming this weekend.

The defending champion Bialystok Lowlanders topped the North Conference with a 6-2 record while the Wroclaw Panthers, playing in the South Conference, finished the eight-game regular season without a loss. Both qualified for the semifinal round and get a first round bye.

The Tychy Falcons finished second in the South conference with a 6-2 record and will face the 4-4 Warsaw Mets, the third place team from the North. Meanwhile, the North conference Gdynia Seahawks, 6-2 will play the 5-3 Opole Towers, the number three team from the South.

The Falcons and Mets played each other once already during the regular season with Tychy winning comfortably 31-13. Tychy’s two losses cam at the hands of the Gdynia Seahawks who beat them 32-27, and the Wroclaw Panthers, 40-12. Apart from the loss to the Falcons, the Mets also were beaten by the Seahawks, 25-7, Panthers, 49-21 and the  Bialystok Lowlanders 34-6 late in the year.

Tychy’s offense averaged 34.5 points a game, good for third overall in the LFA while the defense gave up 130 points during the eight game regular season, also third in the league. Warsaw put up 183 points on the year while allowing just over 20 a game.

The Seahawks and Towers never played each other during the regular season. Gdynia lost to the Lowlanders 22-8 and also to the Panthers 42-7. Opole dropped games to Panthers 54-7, Krakaow Kings 34-19 and the Falcons 59-7, which may be the most telling loss.  Gdynia finished as the second best offense in the LFA scoring 308 points in eight games, and also the fourth leading defense allowing an average of 17.3  points per game. Opole’s numbers were not even close as they scored 198 while surrendering 226.

Look for the Falcons and Seahawks to advance to the semifinal round.

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