Will Bears be Able to Capitalize on Number One Draft Pick?

The Chicago Bears are gearing up for one of their most important off-seasons in recent memory, where strong decisions could mean that they have a great chance of making it to the playoffs in the 2023-24 campaign for the first time since 2020.

The Bears have the number one draft pick overall and around $100 million in salary cap space. Some experts believe that they’ll trade the pick to gain more of an advantage in later rounds of the draft.

Bears Gearing up For Hugely Important Offseason

Da Bears have had a poor season in 2022-23, registering three wins and 14 losses in NFC North. They were barely in the running this term, and many people blame the owner, Virginia Halas McCaskey, for that. Indeed, there is even talk in some publications that the people of Chicago may be open to the emergence of a rival NFL franchise in the city.

The argument for the addition of another Chicago-based team that could rent out Soldier Field comes down to the emerging gambling industry in Illinois, which will add significant revenue to the sport. Illinois sports betting is a fledgling sector, with online sportsbooks first emerging in 2020. Now, there are numerous sites for players to choose from, each with deposit-match welcome bonuses. There’s no doubt that this industry has added to the interest of the NFL, with it being the most staked-on sport in the USA.

It’s clear that the Monsters of the Midway need to win back some fans, and an impressive 2023 off-season could go a long way towards achieving that. The number one draft pick in NFL is a serious weapon. When used correctly, it can have a significant impact on the season ahead. The question is, how will the management decide to use it? Analysts have differing opinions about what the best course of action is.

Players To Target if Bears Use the Number One Pick

There’s a good chance that the Bears will opt to keep their number one pick, meaning that they will have the first choice of all the up-and-coming players from college football. If they choose to go down this route, some highly promising talents could go on to make an instant impact.

Justin Fields is the key player for the Bears, and general manager Ryan Poles will be looking for players that can complement his skills. There’s no doubt that there are massive holes in the defensive line, but the Bears could also really use a No. 1 receiver. There are a few promising prospects in the draft, with Quentin Johnston and Jordan Addison likely to have an array of suitors. There are plenty of players that are more sought-after than these two, though, which is why the Bears could opt to trade.

However, there are also a few exciting talents that could plug gaps in the defense. For instance, Jalen Carter is regarded as one of the best defensive tackle prospects in recent memory. The Georgia player is expected to get snaffled up in the first round, so he’s someone the Bears could be eyeing up with their lucrative first-draft pick.

Some Analysts Think a Trade is On the Cards

Depending on what positions the Bears feel need addressing first, they may decide to trade their position to get a better advantage later in the draft. Several franchises will want to attempt a trade deal with the Bears, and they could easily be persuaded.

One possibility is that the Bears could trade with the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts desperately need a new quarterback and will want to ensure that they land the services of Alabama’s Bryce Young. He’s the best playmaker in college football and will be snapped up early. If the Bears trade with the Colts, they’ll still get a top-four pick.

Another option for the Bears is to trade with the Carolina Panthers. The Bears would have to settle for the number nine pick, but they would get a significant amount of compensation in exchange. It would mean that they also get two second-round selections and first and third-round picks in 2024.

It’s all in the Bears’ hands when the draft rolls around, and if they get this right then it could set them up for an excellent season. It will be exciting to see what strategy they go for in the off-season.

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