Will there be a 2024 XFL season? Here is all you need to know

No one can blame you for wondering if the Defenders vs Renegades championship game will be the last XFL game for some years. After all, the XFL is known for its irregular calendar. When some owners were not declaring bankruptcy, Covid forced a mid-season suspension. So, you are forgiven for questioning whether XFL will return in 2024.

But we’ve got some good news for you; XFL will return as it stands. Officials have confirmed that the story of the professional football league will continue. So, there’s no reason to fret. Whether you are planning a big bet on your favorite team or eyeing a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, we are in business for a 2024 XFL season!

History of the XFL

The XFL is an American football minor league for professionals. It consists of eight teams in the United States that play ten games each in the regular season, while four progress to the playoffs to determine a season champion. The first XFL ran for one season in 2001 before it failed.

The league returned in 2020 after one of the founding owners, WWF executive, Vince McMahon, returned to reboot it. It started on February 8, 2020, and was suspended on March 12, 2020, over COVID-19-related concerns. The 2020 XFL would not return after league executives filed for bankruptcy, saying the pandemic deprived them of tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

It was familiar territory for XFL. However, it didn’t take long for the league to find a saviour this time as a consortium led by former wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; his ex-wife, Dany Garcia, and Gerry Cardinale bought it for $15 million on August 2, 2020. The XFL returned from the dead for the second time as the 2023 XFL season kicked off on February 18, 2023.

XFL schedule

The XFL is not played during National Football League (NFL) season, even though it was designed as a simpler alternative to the NFL. The XFL season typically runs in the winter and early spring months, just after the NFL season ends and before the United States Football League (USFL) season. The idea is to take advantage of the desire for football while NFL is on break.

Why is the XFL unique?  

What makes the XFL different from the NFL is the unique set of changes that the league says delivers “fans a faster pace of play and more action.” Here are some special XFL rules:

Game Timing

The XFL operates a 35-second play clock, contrary to the NFL’s 40-second play clock. This rule is part of the XFL’s plan for a “faster pace of play.” Also, the first and second halves are split by 10-minute halftime, two minutes less than the NFL’s 12-minute break.

The head coach can challenge the game

A head coach can challenge one on-field decision per game. This rule applies to any element of play. While many NFL teams would like this, they don’t.

Fourth-and-15 onside kick

The XFL has a cool onside kick rule that most NFL fans will want to see, but it’s not currently in their game. The XFL offers teams the chance to attempt a fourth-and-15 conversion in the fourth quarter. However, the traditional onside kicks are part of the rules.

The kickoff

During kickoff, only the kicker and returner are allowed to move. Other players can only move after the ball has been in the ground for three seconds or until someone catches the ball. The teams must also start play five yards apart.

When will the XFL return?

A champion will be crowned on Saturday, May 20, 2023, as Arlington Renegades take on D.C. Defenders. Rest assured, that championship is not the last XFL game you will watch for years. XFL Chairwoman Garcia recently told USA Today that the league owners are in for the “long haul”, which is why they have started securing dates and planning for the 2024 XFL season.

Johnson added, “Absolutely, there will be a 2024 XFL season,” guaranteeing that this time is different; XFL will return for a second consecutive season in 22 years. This time, no heart is getting broken by an abrupt end.

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