With 100 days until NFL opener, here are 100 things to get excited about this season

By Frank Schwab, NFL writer

Just 100 days to go.

As of Tuesday, it is 100 days until the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs kick off the 2024 regular season. Here, in no order, are 100 things to be excited about for the upcoming season:

Mark it down and start planning your party now: Super Bowl LIX will be Feb. 9, 2025, at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. It should be a national holiday.

Harbaugh is one of a kind. He’s back in the NFL after nine years in Michigan and if you needed a reminder of what an oddball Harbaugh can be, he’s living in an RV as he prepares for the season.

Kickoffs are going to look really weird this season. It will lead to more returns, which is a good thing. What will be even weirder is if the Pittsburgh Steelers actually explore using quarterback Justin Fields to return kicks.

By the season opener we’d watch any two teams. But Patrick Mahomes vs. Lamar Jackson to kick off the season? Oh, yeah.

Over the second half of last season, Jordan Love went from an unknown to a quarterback who looks like a star. Did the Packers find another franchise quarterback? It seems likely, though we’ll find out for sure.

Play “choose your fighter” with the network theme songs. They all let us know to settle in for a good day of football. The Fox theme is the best, but no argument with any of the others.

Nacua going from a fifth-round draft pick to a record-setting rookie receiver was startling. It’s really hard to improve on a 105-catch, 1,486-yard season, but it’s also not wise to bet against Nacua.

If Daniels is anywhere close to as explosive as he was at LSU, where he made endless big plays and won a Heisman Trophy, the Washington Commanders‘ rookie quarterback is going to be a heck of a lot of fun to watch.

For many, the start of football means the start of fantasy football. McCaffrey will be the first overall pick in most leagues, and there’s no reason he can’t have another historic season for the 49ers.

The Chiefs are pairing a first-round receiver who set the scouting combine record with a 4.21-second 40 with Patrick Mahomes. This is going to be fun.

Nix was a debated draft pick when he went 12th overall to the Broncos. It seemed nobody really liked it, but the Broncos did. Everyone will be excited to label him a bust and be right, but maybe Nix can prove everyone wrong.

Watt has won the sack title three of the past four years. He’ll pass 100 career sacks this season and continue to be one of the must-watch defensive players in the league.

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