Wolves, Bandits Dominate Play in the Philippines

The two top teams in the Philippines Tackle Football League flexed their muscles last week. The Wolves took on the Renegades with devastating results while the Bandits delivered the same fate to the Knights. In contrast to the typhoon weather which affected games the week before, the weather gods were kind this weekend by delivering perfect football weather. The sky was overcast but it was dry, excellent conditions to see the two highest scoring teams showcase their running and passing games.

Wolves 95 – Renegades 0

Philippines - Wolves v Renegades2

After a 3 – 0 win over the rivals four-time champions Bandits the Wolves kept their unbeaten streak alive with a thorough shellacking of the undermanned Renegades.

Only two and a half minutes into the game Luke Zetazate connected with Dennis Graves for a 20 yard touchdown to open up a scoring barrage that didn’t let up for the rest of the game.

As prolific as the Wolves offense was their defense wasn’t to be left out in the touchdown party with Dags Mambuay scoring on two interceptions in the first half.

The second half of the game was much the same as the first half with Darwin Gonzales forcing a fumble that he returned for a touchdown 40 seconds into the third quarter. Back up quarterback Troy Lynch scored two quick touchdowns to Ivan Klaric and David Paul Jumola two minutes apart at the end of the 4th quarter.

The Renegades fought to the end and even with tight end Lex Ansaldo showing up in the second half the game was well in hand. The game ended with the Wolves setting the record for the most points scored by a single team in league history.

Bandits 86 – Knights 0

The Bandits continued a streak of their own in the second game: no team has scored a touchdown on them yet this season.

Despite key starters in street clothes for this game, experimenting with different line ups and letting the seldom used players play for most of the game, the Bandits almost managed to match the most points scored by a single team in ABP/PTFL history.

Knights quarterback Job Gayta was determined for the Knights to be the first team to score on the Bandits and in a valiant effort connected with his brother Josh for 30 and 20 yard completions in the second quarter but the Bandits veteran defense cut that drive short and prevented the Knights from scoring.

Aside from being the Bandits primary kicker, Kit Guerra scored on a run and on a pick 6 in the final quarter to put the Bandits up by 80 points. Richard Redman scored the final touchdown and instead of scoring an extra point the Bandits lined up in victory formation and took a knee in a show to sportsmanship as the clock ran out.

Season 6 week 7 continues on November 7 at the Phil Sports Complex with the Vanguards facing the Wolves and the Renegades facing the Knights.

Photos: Marlu Melvin

Antonio is the chairman of the American Tackle Football Association of the Philippines and VP of marketing of ArenaBall Philippines