World Famous Buffalo Sports Teams Logos

In sports today, buffalo symbols have been quite popular amongst various teams. In most situations, it represents strength, bravery, fairness, respect, and courage. Its main use in sports can be dated to the early 1990s when this city’s first baseball and football teams were established. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Despite numerous changes that most of these teams’ Buffalo logos have undergone, the use of these beastly animals has existed for many years.
  • Among the world famous Buffalo sports teams are: Buffalo Bills Jersey, Sabers hockey, Colorado Buffs Basketball, Buffalo Bowling Green, etc.
  • Buffalo logos are also especially popular in the gambling industry.
  • Everyone can try best free Buffalo slot games with no download, no registration with free spins, scatters, high RTPs by Aristocrat, Bally, NetEnt and other trusted providers.

Since then, this animal has gained recognition among most sporting teams.  The depiction of bravery, resilience, and aggression is not limited to just one sport. In this article, we will look at the most famous Buffalo sports teams in history, their logo, and interesting facts.

Popular Sports Teams with Buffalo Logos

Considering the fact that more individuals participate in sports as participants or fans, the use of this animal which represents a major symbol in Americans’ lives has grown in popularity. All of these factors have added to the favor of using this animal as a symbol in most American sports. Below are some popular Buffalo sports teams using themes logo:


Year of foundation: 1970
Popular players: Lindy Ruff, Rob Ray, Miroslav Satan, Mike Foligno, Rick Martin, and Dominik Hasek
Trainer: Don Granato


This Buffalo team of ice hockey players was established in 1970 and has since been a significant member of the NHL of the US. Their founder considered the best team name to be the city in which they play. Its white-colored buffalo is regarded as this team’s fighting energy and name, while katanas always represent their winning attitude. For over 26 years, no changes were made to its logo until the death of one of its founders. Within 14 years, it was changed 3 different times. Buffalo Sabres hockey team symbol was altered in 2010, but its original 1970 design was re-used with only minor graphical changes.


Year of foundation: 1877
Popular players: Anthony Kay, Andy Burns, Jake Petricka, Tim Mayza, and T. J. Zeuch
Trainer: Jeff Ware


Buffalo Bisons baseball team was founded in 1877, and their name is derived from Buffalo city, where they enjoy their game. This team has been in existence for over 140 years, and in 1985, they made their initial debut with a red and blue-white color logo. Within 15 years, a redesign of their logo occurred 3 different times to highlight their collaboration with other organizations. The NFL Buffalo team’s design was changed in 2013; its new design included bluer and redder colors to evoke memories of their 1980s jersey fans. In addition, you can learn more about the Buffalo Bisons and other themed sports teams in the detailed review by link here.


Year of foundation: 1894
Popular players: James Starks, Branden Oliver, Khalil Mack, Mason Schreck, and Demone Harris
Trainer: Maurice Linguist


This Buffalo basketball team represents the University of Buffalo in New York City, New York. In 1997, their initial logo was a gleaming blue buffalo head. Its white horns were to represent this team’s colors. In 2006, its logo was changed to include the letters U and B from this university’s name. The NFL Buffalo team logo had been altered to a fierce bull with white-colored eyes by 2016. It was designed to represent this group’s vigor, power, and strength.


Year of foundation: 1992
Popular players: Chris White, Andrew Watt, and Justin Martin
Trainer: John Tavares


They play in the Eastern Division of the National Lacrosse League (NLL) as a professional box lacrosse team called the Buffalo Bandits. Terry Pegula, who also owns the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills, runs Pegula Sports and Entertainment, of which Hockey Western New York LLC is a branch. In 1992, this team’s inaugural season began. A logo from the National Lacrosse League (NLL), such as the one for Buffalo Bandits, is an example of a logo from the American sports sector. Justin Martin, Matt Vinc, and Connor Fields are on the roster, and John Tavares serves as head coach.


Year of foundation: 1970
Popular players: Moses Malone, Bob McAdoo, Adrian Dantley, and Elmore Smith
Trainer: Jack Ramsey


Buffalo Braves are a basketball team from the US that began their playing season in 1970. Basketball at the University of Buffalo played a significant role in forming this team. Tyronn Lue was appointed head coach under Steve Ballmer’s ownership. Its logo was a buffalo at the center of a yellow basketball with feathers around it from 1970 to 1971. This beast represented power and strength, showing the bravery of this basketball team. 

In 1971, Buffalo sports team logo was changed to a “B sign” with a blue color that showcased the word “Buffalo.” When they relocated to San Diego in 1978, the name of this Buffalo sports team  was changed to the San Diego Clippers. And upon moving to Los Angeles in 1984, they changed their name to Los Angeles Clippers.


Year of foundation: 2009
Popular players: Chris Walter, Kendall McFayden, Bibby Ross, and Andy Tiedt
Trainer: Ryan “Ozzy” Osborne


Buffalo, New York, is home to the men’s and women’s soccer teams of FC Buffalo, an American soccer club. The men’s squad was established in 2009 and competed in the Midwest Division of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), an amateur league representing the fourth tier of the American soccer pyramid. Five local residents on the squad, including Nick Mendola, Joshua Batten, Donny Kutzbach, Scott Frauenhofer, and Ray Siminski. Dobson Field, on the grounds of D’Youville College in Buffalo’s Front Park neighborhood, is where this team plays its home games. Colors of gold, blue, and white represent the squad of the Buffalo team.


Year of foundation: 2021
Popular players: Bryson Miller, Caden Cranston, and Jace Cranston
Trainer: Jason Bonsignore


Buffalo Stampede was established in 2021, and they will be directed to its inaugural United States Premier Hockey League 2021/2022 season by its head coach Jason Bonsignore. With this team joining the USPHL, their main goal is to boost players into NCAA programs. Buffalo Stampede hockey team also builds players to move forward in various levels of leagues, such as collegiate, professional, and junior hockey. This team’s logo shows an angry buffalo, which features their aggressiveness, strength, and resilience.


Year of foundation: 1913
Popular players: Fred Anderson, Tom Downey, Dan Woodman, Joe Agler, and Del Young
Trainer: Don Granato


Buffalo Buffets hockey was a major league baseball team that played for the brief-lived Federal League, which began as a minor league in 1913 and evolved into a legitimate outlaw major league over the following two seasons. In 1913 and 1914, this team went by the unofficial moniker “BufFeds” due to the lack of formal names for Federal League franchises. 

They have tried three times to establish a major league baseball franchise. This current minor league team takes its name and history from its predecessor, the Buffalo Bisons. In their debut year of the NL (1879) competition, they finished a respectable third, just 10 games back of the division champions. They fielded two legends, Pud Galvin and Dan Brouthers, immortalized in the Hall of Fame. Larry Schlafly acted as their manager.


Year of foundation: 1960
Popular players: Josh Allen
Trainer: Sean McDermott


This football team was established in 1960, after which they joined the NLF in 1970. Since their inception, Buffalo Bills have used a total of 4 logos. Between 1960 and 1961, their logo featured buffalos racing alongside a player. Its logo was changed to this animal and a player in 1962. 

In 1970, this team used just the Red Buffalo, a logo that they had used for 3 straight years. This fanatics Buffalo Bills football team is using a 1973 design of a soaring buffalo with a red stripe. Its flying bison represents their charging into the sky for victory, and the red line represents their forward movement.


Year of foundation: 2015
Popular players: Lisa Chesson, Cart Flagg, Erin Gehen
Trainer: Rhea Coad


Buffalo Beauts is known to be a top team in the National Women’s Hockey League, which was established in 2015. Rhea Coad trains this team’s first lineup. Amherst, New York, is home to this professional women’s ice hockey team. The Buffalo state football team spent its first four seasons at Buffalo’s Harbor Center. It now holds its matches at Northtown Center. Pegula Sports and Entertainment owned Buffalo Beauts from 2017 to 2019. Its logo is a black buffalo standing among stars and a crown, with the word “Beauts” clearly written at its feet. This black beast represents their tenacity and bravery.


Year of foundation: 1923
Popular players: Mikey Neal, Kyle Fontes, Ethan Pitzel, and Coleman Bennett
Trainer: Dave Cecchini


Bucknell University’s athletic department is known as the Bucknell Bison. The university chose the bison as its mascot animal in 1923, under the direction of Bartol William. He justified the choice by stating that the school was in Buffalo Valley in the US.

With the introduction of the mascot beast, they created a design depicting a charging blue bison with a red symbol on the side in 1990. Its logo represented strength, determination, and resilience at the time, while its red stripe represented speed and dynamics. This Buffalo team changed their design in 2002 because its initial design was too popular. Its present design was more visual, featuring a fierce orange bull running out of a sign that shows this team’s name.


Year of foundation: 2004
Popular players: Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Mark Webber, and David Coulthard
Trainer: Christian Horner


Popularly referred to as Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing operates in the United Kingdom. Presently, the team holds an Australian license and participates in Formula 1 racing. It was founded in 2005, and its logo featured 2 Red Bulls and a flag representing speed and power. Only a couple of changes have been made to its Buffalo logos since its establishment, primarily to showcase its sponsorship. Aston Martin currently sponsors the racing team. As a result, this name is prominently visible alongside 2 bulls fighting in front of the sun.


Year of foundation: 1975
Popular players: Quentin Musty, Zack Nazarett, Tyler Nasca
Trainer: Rich Stinziano


Buffalo Jr. Sabres was founded in 1975 in Buffalo, New York, when they partook in the New York JHL, taking the place of the outgoing West Seneca Cougars. Its initial design of Buffalo sports team logo featured a white colored buffalo which represented luck and was put in the middle of two swords called “Sabre” on a golden and blueish circle. Its main idea was in this animal image. In the first and present versions, it is represented entirely. For about 10 years, only his head was displayed on their Buffalo logos; in 2010, withers were infused into it. The frightening expression was still intact. Its head was always tilted forward as if for a powerful attack by the enemy.


Year of foundation: 1999
Popular players: Terrill Shaw, Howard Smothers, and Aaron Sparrow
Trainer: Matthew Sauk


The Buffalo Destroyers was established in 1999. Matthew Sauk was its team’s head coach until they disbanded in 2019. The name of this Arena Football League team was changed to Columbus Destroyer. Buffalo Destroyers made the playoffs three times; after ten seasons, this team has folded. Its previous logo featured an aggressive buffalo wearing a round metal collar with the words “Buffalo Destroyer” clearly written on it. Their previous Buffalo logos showed their competitiveness as a football team and characterized their commitment and resilience.


Year of foundation: 2016
Popular players: Lâm Huỳnh Gia Huy, Trần Văn Chính, and Bùi Văn Minh Hải
Trainer: Nguyễn “Ren” Văn Trọng


This is a Vietnamese eSports organization that was established in 2016. This team’s logo has been altered three different times since its inception. All changes made were to reflect name adjustments. In 2020, they created their current logo, which displays a red buffalo head. The major difference between this and its previous design is its bright red eyes, which match the fierceness on its face. Since this name change, the banner at the top of its head has changed from “Charging Buffalo.” The band’s name, Saigon Buffalo, is now on their logo.


Year of foundation: 1914
Popular players: Nick Allen, Fred Anderson, and Hal Chase
Trainer: Walter Blair


Buffalo Blues was established in 1914 and are one of the top baseball teams in their league. It was most recently trained by Harry Lord, Larry Schlafly, and Walter Blair, all of whom were players but also served as coaches. In 1913, this baseball team competed in the Federal League, a minor tournament. It was based in New York and lasted only one year before closing in 1915. When it was first established, it was known as Buffalo Buffets. This logo shows a charging blue buffalo. One of its goals was to build players with resilience, athleticism, and strong character. As a result, the idea of using a logo that features a courageous beast came to light.


Year of foundation: 1930
Popular players: Moose Goheen, Amby Moran, Eddie Oatman, Henry Harris’
Trainer: George Sears


It used to be that Buffalo, New York, was home to a professional ice hockey team known as Buffalo Majors. This club’s tenure with the AHA spanned two full years. In 1930, Buffalo Amusement Company owner Lawrence F. Welch put this team together. He assembled a squad of Canadian hockey players and arranged for the Broadway Auditorium to be outfitted with an artificial ice rink. Before their inaugural season, the squad changed their name from the Buffalo Buffaloes. Sometime in January 1931, Americans were known as the Majors. George Sears, a 25-year ice hockey veteran, took the reins as this team’s first coach. Majors advertised themselves as a more physical and gritty alternative to the Buffalo Bisons of the International Hockey League, who played at Fort Erie, Ontario’s Peace Bridge Arena.


Year of foundation: 1940
Popular players: Zach LaVine, Javonte Green, Coby White, Lonzo Ball, and Michael Jordan
Trainer: Billy Donovan


This is another top-notch team in the United States that incorporates buffalo into their logo. After a couple of failed attempts, this team was established in 1940. They played their first game in the early months of 1966, and they’ve featured the same logo ever since. Their logo features the head of a buffalo that appears to be enraged. Blood droplets on this bull’s horns represent their ferocity. Its logo represents aggression, slaughter, and bravery.

Buffalo Logo in Online Slots

The symbolism of buffalo imagery influences the gambling industry, just as it does in sports. Some slots use this beast as their theme. This makes these slots popular in several countries, particularly Australia. Popular Buffalo slot machine online free games that make use of this beast, complete with features and bonuses, are as follows:

№1. Buffalo Rampage: Released in March 2021, the Buffalo Rampage is a 5-reel, 1024-payline slot machine by Spinomenal. Winnings are highest when a buffalo is spotted; if you play this game, keep an eye out for that animal. The odds of winning are 96.30%. When a spin ends with at least three hidden symbols visible, you win a free round of play Buffalo Rampage slot. Having many buffalo symbols visible is your best bet for winning big. Additionally, wilds can be useful because they can replace any tile.

№2. Buffalo: It has 5 reels, 40 pay lines and a 94.85% return to player percentage. The Free Buffalo slots game was developed by Aristocrat and is popular among gamblers. Landing three or more scatters will activate bonus rounds. Buffalo online slots can also be played at various top online gambling sites using any mobile device

№3. White Buffalo: This is a brand-new slot machine from Microgaming, and it has 5 reels and 3 rows. There are regular and bonus symbols to collect on the 25 pay lines. White Buffalo slot machine comes with 95.57% RTP and a moderate level of volatility. Players can wager anywhere from $0.02 to $200 per spin, depending on the slot machine. Any white buffalo increases its payout potential to one thousand times its initial wager. Players might receive a few free spins on this White Buffalo  slot game. They can get six additional spins and a respin by using scatters.

№4. Wild Buffalo: Wild Buffalo is a slot machine developed by NetGame. It is a massive 5×4 reel set that, together with this game’s all-ways pay structure, can result in 1,024 winning combinations for each spin. Bets range from €0.4 to €80 per spin, so it’s accessible to a wide range of gamers. Volatility is mild to high, and RTP is above average at 96.22% in the Wild Buffalo slot machine. The maximum payout is limited to 5,000 times its initial wager.

№5. Buffalo Rising slot: Odds in Buffalo Rising Megaways by Blueprint Gaming are moderately likely to be won, and RTP is 96.5%. This slot has 6-reel, 117,649-pay line video slots available exclusively online to be won. Free spins, scatters, wilds, cascading reels, and other special bonuses are only some highlights of this Buffalo Rising free play machine’s gameplay. It’s a fast-paced game with a Great Plains stampede theme, and animals arrive in herds to provide multiple chances to win.

№6. Buffalo Blitz 2: This wild creature features 5x multiplier wilds in its standard game, 6 reels and 4,096 chances to win. Free games mode utilizes a chances boost engine that can enhance the total number of ways to win by as much as 14,400. You can also win an infinite number of free spins in the Buffalo Blitz 2 free play slot. A maximum of ten thousand times its initial wager is available, with a return to player percentage of 96.06%.

№7. Buffalo Grand: This Buffalo online slots game has 5 reels and 1024 ways to win. Aristocrat develops it, and it comes with a 96% RTP. Upon landing three or more scatters, you activate bonus features that award free spins. Wilds can form a winning combination by replacing all other symbols except scatters. Mobile devices, such as Android and iOS phones, can be used to play Buffalo Grand slot machine free play.

№8. Buffalo King: This Pragmatic Play-powered pokie has 6 reels, 4 rows, and a 96.06% RTP. This game features 4096 ways to win and coin values ranging from 0.40 to 60 per spin. The wild symbol in this game is a Rocky Outcrop, which can replace all other symbols except golden buffalo scatter, which can activate its free spin feature.

№9. Buffalo Gold: This game was developed by Aristocrat. Buffalo Gold slot online free has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 ways to win. It can be played for real money at various online gambling sites. A buffalo is a highest-paying symbol, and players claim 300 coins when they land 5. Several features are available to players during bonus Buffalo Gold slot machine free play.

№10. Buffalo Hunter: Play free Buffalo slots online with 5 reels, 40 pay lines, and a 96.34% RTP. Pronghorns, buffalo, eagles, and wolves are among the most valuable symbols; buffalo is their highest-paying icon. A Dream Catcher wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol to form a winning combination. When a player lands three or more scatters, they get to activate one of three bonus rounds, which comes with a maximum payout of $10,000.

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