Worst Hotels in Vegas

Most people that visit Las Vegas plan to stay at least a few days. There is a lot to take in and to visit in the city, and one day simply won’t be enough. Of course, there are plenty of casinos to visit, but let’s not forget the fantastic restaurants, the highlights, and the many shows and concerts. If you are looking for a hotel to make your stay as comfortable as possible during these days, make sure to keep on reading. We’ve made a list of the worst hotels in Las Vegas, where you definitely don’t want to book a room.

Top 10 of the worst hotels in Las Vegas

You can find bad hotels everywhere in the world, but since Las Vegas is mostly a tourist town, you can bet that there are quite a lot of hotels in this city that are just better to skip altogether. You probably would prefer to stay at home and play your favorite casino games at https://www.casinomeister.com/casino-reviews/king-billy-casino/ or place a bet on your favorite sports team. The 10 hotels listed below are definitely on our shortlist of places not to book and are considered the worst hotels in Vegas.

1. Diamond Resorts Intl

The worst hotel in Las Vegas must be the Diamond Resorts Intl. The hotel is messy, dirty, and not well maintained. Unfortunately, the staff doesn’t seem to care. They are known to be unfriendly, and they don’t even bother with service or cleaning. Definitely a hotel to avoid when visiting Las Vegas.

2. City Center Motel

The City Center Motel is just that: a simple motel in the city center. Because of this, you experience a lot of the city center, day and night. You probably won’t be able to sleep because of the excessive noise from surrounding places. And the hotel itself is very basic and badly maintained.

3. Siegel Suites – Tropicana

One of the biggest turn-offs at any hotel is bad hygiene. Unfortunately, that is exactly what you will find at Siegel Suites – Tropicana. The rooms are unhygienic, and poorly maintained, and some visitors have even noticed cockroaches and bedbugs. And as if this is not enough to direct you towards another hotel, the place is also known for prostitution and drug use. Not worth the visit!

4. On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel

On The Vegas Boulevard Hotel seems to be promising with a great location, but it is generally a disappointment for visitors. Yes, the hotel is situated in the heart of all the action, but that is just about it when it comes to pluses. The rooms are known to be messy and unhygienic, and the beds are very uncomfortable. The personnel at the hotel lacks basic service skills and doesn’t add a lot to make your stay more pleasant.

5. Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is another big name that you wouldn’t expect to be on this list. But the reputation of a no-go hotel is more than deserved. First, there is the poor maintenance of the hotel. Electricity failing, plumbing not up to par, and general messiness are a big turn-off. But there is also the noise that many previous customers have complained about. Don’t expect to get a good night’s sleep with this hotel located right next to O’Sheas.

6. The Plaza Hotel & Casino

The name of The Plaza Hotel creates certain expectations of luxury and grandeur. Unfortunately, the hotel does not live up to these expectations. First of all, it is located in downtown Las Vegas, which isn’t the best part of town. Next to this, the hotel is poorly maintained and is sometimes even called dirty and messy. Not a place you want to stay if you want to have the best possible experience of Las Vegas.

7. Luxor Hotel & Casino

The Luxor Hotel & Casino has a name that builds up certain expectations. Unfortunately, these expectations aren’t met. The Luxor is known to be poorly maintained and messy, with broken equipment and lost keys from hotel rooms. But the hotel is most notorious for the noise. If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, you probably won’t find it here.

8. Excalibur Hotel & Casino

One of our biggest letdowns when it comes to hotels in Las Vegas is the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. With a name like this, you expect greatness. But don’t be fooled: the Excalibur is known to be unhygienic, messy, and poorly maintained. Factor in the bad reputation of the staff, which is known to steal items from customers, and you will understand why we’re not a fan.

9. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

If you are looking for a hotel within walking distance of everything worth visiting in Las Vegas, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino isn’t it. Many customers complain about the location of the hotel, but that is not all that makes the Westgate Resort a definite ‘no’ from our point of view. The hotel rooms also don’t measure up. Rooms at the hotel are frequently compared to simple motel rooms, lacking atmosphere and luxury altogether.

10. Caesars Palace

Ceasars Palace is a classic location in Las Vegas that many people want to visit. Unfortunately, the hotel hasn’t been up to par for the last few years. Customer ratings have been getting worse over the years, and the service seems to be lacking. Caesars Palace is one of the biggest hotels in the city, and this size can be a reason to avoid this hotel too. If you want to leave your room to use any of the services provided by the hotel, it will take you quite a while to even get to the location. But then again, there are a lot of services and activi

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