XFL official game balls unique to each team

The XFL’s February 2020 debut is not far off now and the league which has had a history of taking new approaches, has added a new twist. The game balls will be unique to each team.

The heart of the game of football, is, well, the football. And the XFL has given it a makeover.

For starters, the grip pattern on the ball is an ‘X’ pattern (called “X-Pebbles”). The league says they’ve spent the last year developing this patent-pending technology, and it should help quarterbacks throw the ball, and help receivers catch it. According to the league, the “technology will help players control the ball with a feel that enables a tight spin on throws, and also allows ball carriers to enhance their ball security.”

In addition to this, the ‘X’ also makes another appearance in the form of a team colored painted ‘X’ on each tip of each team’s game ball.

These new footballs will be in play when teams gather for mini-camps which are set for December.

The XFL spent the past year developing the game ball with football manufacturer Team Issue in Dallas. The first version was tested with players on the field during the XFL’s rules testing this past spring.

Based on feedback from quarterbacks and receivers, adjustments were made and updated versions of the ball were tested over a 10-week period at each XFL Summer Showcase. Then, after additional feedback from players was received and hours of tape were watched and analyzed, final adjustments were made and the final ball production began in September.<

Each version of the XFL game ball will start to see action on the field next month when XFL mini-camps open up across the league.

Making the XFL Game Ball


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