Japan X League: Week 2 Matchups / Predictions promise fireworks

In week one the Lions failed to impress while the Bulls just failed. The fact that a quarter of fans think there is a possibility All-Mitsubishi might lose this matchups immediately makes one suspect there might be Hong Kong gambling syndicates involved. Either that or people have been watching too many movies where the underdog wins.

Prediction: 32-7

Again with the significant minority giving the no-hopers a fighting chance. At least it’s not as bad as last time when the Eagles were actually favoured! They lost 32-6. It’ll be by more here. The Deers get their first 41 points of the season.

Prediction: 41-3

Both teams looked good early then struggled the rest of the way in game one. Anything other than a big Impulse will would be surprising but who doesn’t love a surprise? Challengers click more than first time out…but so do Panasonic.

Prediction: 44-17

Fujitsu were impressive. Silver Star were impressive. Fillet mignon tastes good. Burgers taste good. Three new Americans likely make their debut against the Frontiers but they can’t be up to speed so the impact they’ll make physically will be negligible against a side that’s well used to beating the strongest opponents. Hayashi adds to his TD collection though.

Prediction: 28-7

After a terrible start Finies we very competitive against Impulse. Nagoya did ok but ultimately fell to a Black Eagles side that’s much worse than Kobe.
Only IBM are more favoured this week by the fans. Can’t disagree.

Prediction: 38-0

Happy to see I haven’t been the only that’s noticed the strong play of newly promted Hawkeye. As One will need a much better performance than the one they produced in the opener. They are capable of doing it but I’m going with the upset.

Prediction: 12-14

Minerva lost heavily to a Silver Star team with arguably the leagues best wideout. Creators won while ignoring the forward pass. They’ve said they play the same way again this week. Will Minerva load the box early? Will it make any difference? No. Creators win pounding the rock.

Prediction: 22-13

The Pirates head coach was on hand at Tokyo Dome to witness IBM’s impressive victory. Doubtful he’ll have seen much that can help his team though. They are getting better but certainly nowhere near Big Blue’s level right now. There is sure to be some deflation after that opening win for Big Blue so I don’t think we see a repeat of NojimaBulls but still…

Prediction: 52-6

As with week one the last game is the juiciest. Obic are involved again. When the schedule was released I’m sure their supporters were confidently thinking “nice tough tests to get going but we’ll win both”. Now there is a real danger they could be 0-2 with Frontiers and Impulse still to come – not to mention a Silver Star team with more acclimatized Americans right before those games. Real tough one to call but I’ll give the veteran team the edge.

Prediction: 28-24