Relax. Try Yoga for Football

Yoga is transforming the way athletes train and recover from injuries. Being a football player and an athlete, in order to be the best, you constantly have to evolve your training. While spending hours in the gym lifting weights or running drills on the field have their advantages, yoga brings a whole different set of advantages that have proven to be beneficial.

The daily routine of a football player is packed with activities. From training to studying film to reading your playbook, you may not think you have time for another activity. Thanks to modern technology, you can now exercise anytime, anyplace.

One of the best ways to get used to yoga is to attend a local yoga studio. Class times range from early morning and can last all day into the evening. For youth football players, there is plenty of time after school to attend a class. Before you start, keep in mind, not all yoga classes are the same. There are basic classes that will introduce you to proper breathing and some basic stretches. There are classes that range from hot yoga to aerial yoga to paddleboard yoga and so on. No matter which class you do, yoga is all about breathing. In order to get the full effect of your yoga practice, proper breathing is more important than the stretch. As you advance in your practice, you will begin to do more advanced stretches and breathing.

AFI - Yoga - NY Giants

Members of the New York Giants. Photo: Relax and Release.

Besides your local studio, you can also check out yoga classes at your gym or do private lessons. Thanks to modern technology, you can do yoga classes at home as well. On your TV you can use an Xbox One or Roku and Amazon TV and do classes right on you big screen with apps such as Xbox Fitness and Daily Burn. If you are always on the go you can use apps on your phone or tablet such as Fitstar, Daily Yoga, Yoga Guru among others.

For those who prefer to use their computer, gives you the option to stream live classes or watch classes on demand. Yogaformen is quickly gaining popularity with professional football players and military veterans.

No matter where you are or you age or skill level, you can practice yoga anywhere. Yoga can help balance you, make you flexible and improve your core strength. Your practice can last anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour. For young athletes, starting a yoga practice at a young age will benefit you in the gym and on the field. Yoga can give you an edge that your opponents don’t have.

Pete Macias is a USA Football Ambassador, Assistant Master Trainer and Copywriter. He also worked for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is on the Advisory Board of the NFL Alumni Tampa chapter. Pete is also Director of Operations for Yoga for Men, and is