2015 Season Preview: Portugal – Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano (LPFA)

[tps_title]Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano – South Conference[/tps_title]

[tps_header]Algarve Pirates[/tps_header]Portugal - Algarve Pirates

Entering their third year in the LPFA, the Pirates will be a team to look out for. Coached by Don Dixon and Michael Reeve this team has a lot of young and talented players. Playing in Portimão, their biggest problem is finding players and sponsorship to help this team grow.

In the past two years they have come close to making the playoffs but almost will not be good enough for this upcoming season. With some of the players now having gained a few years of experience, Davi Martins, Cláudio Gordinho and Jonathan Miron will lead this team into what they expect will be a productive season.

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André Amorim has been involved in American Football in Portugal for over 9 years, having played and coached in the only two teams that have won championships in that country. From 2007 to 2013 he played and coached with the Lisboa Navigators the