5 Canadian Hockey Players Who Love Poker and Slots

You may think that sportsmen and women only love their sports and never participate in other activities. But that’s not true, especially for Canadian hockey players who love to participate in everything sporty, whether it’s their field or not.

When you visit some of the top casinos, you will be astonished to find some of them on the gaming tables playing their favorite games. Also, there are those that you will find juggling with their smartphones to play their best games.

We were lucky to have a session with Conrad Brennan (view profile), who was delighted to share some of the names of Canadian hockey players playing poker. The following are examples of Canadian Hockey players who love poker and slots:

Roberto Luongo

Although he is of Irish-Italian ancestry, Robert Lungo was born in Montreal, Canada. He is a professional Goaltender for the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League. He is a top player that has played for various teams in the NHL.

He uses the butterfly strategy when goaltending. That has seen him play for New York Island and Vancouver Canucks. Alongside hockey, he also has a passion for playing poker.

He has even hinted at trying his hand fully once he hangs up his skates. He has also participated in many charities making him fall in the category of other Canucks players. Spending time with children in the Vancouver hospice was his routine. He is a top Canadian player who values his fans.

Wayne Gretzky

He is among the top Canadian hockey players who made the most from hockey gaming. He got off the pitch two decades ago with about $200 million, making it easy for him to join the gambling arena.

Some even rumoured him of having a credit worth $1million in the Vegas casinos. At some point, he came over the fire because of his heavy spending. He is not the only person who has been in trouble resulting from betting.

Even his wife was convicted for engaging in illegal gambling. Even though the wife walked scot-free, the NHL legend did not stop frequenting Sin City’s tables with passion. During his time on the pitch, he played for 4 teams in the 20 seasons he appeared.

There are great awards that were created courtesy of him. Some of them include the Wayne Gretzky international award presented by the United States Hockey Hall of Fame. That is mostly done in honour of international players who contributed significantly to the united states hockey teams.

Adam Foote

Adam Foote is an excellent hockey player from Ontario, Canada. Most of his fans recall him for being a stalwart. He always played it all, hence winning some amazing rewards such as the Stanley cup, which he won twice.
He also won a gold medal for Team Canada during the 2002 winter Olympics.

Even though there isn’t much information if he still plays poker, he was busy taking part in charity tournaments with poker stars in 2005. The chances are high that your favourite free spins no deposit casinos are also his favourite, in a world where online gambling is taking center stage.

Joe Sakic

Joe Sakic is among the Canadian hockey players playing poker that featured in various Hockey games. But, that did not limit him from appearing on the poker tables. He has been spotted more than once taking part in various poker tournaments. Anyone given a chance would choose to play with him on the poker tables, whether on the online sites or land-based casinos.

Gino Odjick

He is a top Canadian player who always thrilled his fans by demonstrating his top skills when playing for teams based in Montreal and Vancouver Canucks. He also played for NHL teams in America and was celebrated home and away.

After retiring, he started going to River Rock Casino to participate actively in the table games. He also won a Stanley award during his days on the pitch.

With the above Canadian hockey players playing poker, you can testify that Canadians are ultra-passionate about gaming, whether online or physically. They only need the right platform, and they are set.

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