5 ELF signings that went under the radar

There have been over 300 signings in the European League of Football so far. When there is this much activity it’s easy to let some signings go under the radar. Today the players that could be potential game changers are getting the spotlight they deserve. All inclusions are simple, if they’re officially signed and announced by the team then they are eligible.

Let’s get into it.

Gabriel Montagner – Defensive Tackle – Milano Seamen

The Brazilian defensive tackle is one of the most underrated signings for far this offseason. He has strong hands on the line of scrimmage, has the athletic ability that got him invited to the CFL Brazil combines in 2020/2022 and is much more of a threat to passing offenses than other defensive tackles with his proclivity to bat down passes if he cannot get to the quarterback for a sack. He is a great pick-up from the Black Panthers Thonon and was massively needed after the Milano defense was far in a way the worst in the league. The rip move he possesses is really solid but given he will receive a lot of attention from interior offensive linemen, I would like to see a deeper rush move bag and more redirection on his second rush attempts. Montagner would be a great addition to nearly every team in the league and could be in the conversation for All-ELF defensive tackle if he lands on his feet.

Noah Obolela – Linebacker – Prague Lions

Prague has quietly been building a balanced, young, and talented roster. The defense especially I am very excited to see on the field. In particular, Obolela, the Spanish/French outside linebacker. The 22-year-old is lengthy, tackles well and has bouncy energetic footwork. He does follow the trend of smaller bulk body types that many linebackers in the ELF have, so durability could be a concern if he remains at the listed 205-pound weight. He will also need to polish up the footwork on the pass-read steps to get the most out of his athletic ability. Having Jan Krs, Peter Lundström and Daniel Wright in his secondary will allow him to have more support in the passing game, hopefully allowing him to play freely and with confidence in his team. The sky is the limit.

Chad Walrond – Safety – Stuttgart Surge

This signing has been made with the Western Conference in mind. The British safety is arguably one of the fastest European players in the league and brings the hash-to-hash ability that the Surge lacked in the championship game or other games where offenses could spread their defense thin. Doubling up as a potential returner also adds to his value for the club. The blemish on his record would be the injuries. In weeks two to seven, Walrond was inactive due to injuries. He would need to be a regular on the field as, so far, in his ELF career he hasn’t been able to make the impact on the turnovers with one interception in 15 games. This could be down to system consistency or injuries limiting his athletic ability but hopefully, he can have a big role in what Stuttgart are committing towards.

Theodor Landström – Wide Receiver – Hamburg Sea Devils

Hamburg has taken a lot of criticism for the number of players they have lost in free agency. They clearly heard this and made many notable signings. Jarvis McClam and Lee Pitts are excellent, Javarian Smith was red hot coming off his GFL success and the return of players like Simon Homadi and Victor Omorodion keeps the Hamburg culture alive and well. The recent acquisition of Landström however, is one I am a big fan of. The Swedish receiver has been able to thrive as a deep threat and second option on an offense when paired with an elite American receiver, Josh Johnson’s production in Barcelona last season allowed Theodor to use his strength and hands to go over the less physical European defensive backs. If he focuses on his intermediate and sharpens his release he will develop very well in that system.

Connor Bolton – Offensive Line – Madrid Bravos

Bolton was one of the highest-rated offensive linemen on my 2023 board. Unfortunately, he was not able to flourish on a very poor Fehérvár Enthroners team that struggled on a lot of aspects. Coming into the season he was picked up by a promising Madrid team that is out there to prove a point and try to be better than their country counterparts above all else. D’Wanye Obi is going to be running behind Bolton early and often this season. He’s ultra-aggressive, his feet never stop moving and he can get out the blocks fast. Getting his head up so he can have more of an impact in the outside game is going to unlock even more possibilities for the Brit. Steal of a pick, certainly a player who has a lot of upside for the Bravos.