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5 team building fundamentals that Bill Walsh lived by

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When discussing who the greatest NFL head coach is, the variety of names generally breaks down by where people live and when they were born.

Bill Walsh, though, is one name that tends to be on everyone’s list.

The father of the West Coast Offense, Walsh led the San Francisco 49ers to three Super Bowl championships in 10 seasons as head coach. Mentor to Pro Football Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Steve Young, Walsh also was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1993.

Walsh died in 2007, but his legacy on the field is unquestioned. His influence off the field includes serving as a model of leadership to coaches who worked under him, followed him and read his books, including “The Score Takes Care of Itself” and “Building a Champion.”

Jeff Jansen worked alongside Walsh at the Stanford Leadership Academy and offered these five items that Walsh stood for throughout his career.


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