AFI partners with Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego to livestream games

American Football International, AFI, and Poland’s Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego, LFA, have signed an agreement for the exclusive digital distribution of all LFA games on to a global audience through to the end of 2020.

With this, the LFA joins Finland, Denmark and the four teams in Sweden in partnering with American Football International and to livestream all their games to an international audience.

Through this agreement, which is for the 2020 season, AFI on its own distribution platform, will handle the distribution and marketing of live broadcasts from Poland. Game commentary will either be in Polish or English.

John McKeon, founder and CEO of AFI:

“AFI is fortunate to partner with the LFA to share Poland’s cutting edge American football product with our global audience. Poland’s football is the perfect example of the ‘tip of spear’ when it comes to potential of American football outside of the US.”

In its last act before the new federation in Poland, the American Football Association in PolandZFAP (Związek Futbolu Amerykańskiego w Polsce), takes over as the fully-recognized governing body of Polish American football, the LFA is organizing a season of top division football.

Speaking on behalf of the LFA, Piotr Morko from the Bialystok Lowlanders was happy with the opportunity:

“We are very pleased that we managed to reach an agreement with and that our league games will be broadcast on this platform. It is a great promotion for all teams, but also for all Polish American football.”

The LFA had suspended all activities in mid March at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Wroclaw Panthers, Tychy Falcons, Warsaw Mets, Bialystok Lowlanders, Silesia Rebels and Bydgoszcz Archers will all play in a seven week season starting September 5 with a semifinal round and championship final on November 14.

Sept. 5Bialystok LowlandersSilesia Rebels
Tychy FalconsWroclaw Panthers
Sept. 6Warsaw MetsBydgoszcz Archers
Sept. 12Silesia RebelsWroclaw Panthers
Sept. 13Warsaw MetsTychy Falcons
Sept. 19Bydgoszcz ArchersBialystok Lowlanders
Sept. 20Silesia RebelsTychy Falcons
Sept. 26Warsaw MetsBialystok Lowlanders
Oct. 3Bydgoszcz ArchersSilesia Rebels
Tychy FalconsBialystock Lowlanders
Oct. 4Wroclaw PanthersWarssaw Mets
Oct. 10Wroclaw PanthersBydgoszcz Archers
Oct. 17Bialystock LowlandersWroclaw Panthers
Oct. 18Silesia RebelsWarsaw Mets
Tychy FalconsBydgoszcz Archers
Oct. 31Semifinal
Nov. 1Semifinal
Nov. 14Championship Final

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