Shuan Fatah new German National Team Head Coach

The AFVD (American Football Federation of Germany) has officially named Shuan Fatah the German National Team head coach. Fatah, one of the most accomplished coaches in Europe now takes over for Jordan Neumann as the new head coach of the German national team, returning to the international scene for the first time since 2017.

Fatah is honored to lead Team Germany into a new era:

“I am very happy and proud to have the opportunity to be the head coach of the German national football team. I think the time has come to wake the sleeping giant and take an active part in the international football community again after many years of uncertainty. I am aware of the importance of this position and the scope of this task, but I am firmly convinced that the time has finally come to put our sport, and with it our flagship, the national team, back at the top of the list of priorities. I would like to play an active part in this and send a signal that a new era has begun in the AFVD and German football. we will work hard for.”

Fatah has already won 25 titles in his coaching career, making him one of the most accomplished and decorated coaches in Europe. His titles also include 4 x World Bowl, 6 x German Bowl, 5 x Austrian Bowl, 2 x Eurobowl, 3 x CEFL Champion, 1 x Superfinal Champion, 1 x ECTC Final Champion, 1 x Global Junior Champion, 1 x German Junior Bowl Champion and 1 x Austrian Junior Bowl Champion.

Andreas Kegelmann Vice President of the AFVD, is very happy with Fatah’s commitment:

The AFVD is sexy again and many who have kept their distance in the past now want to put themselves back in the service of the sport. Shuan Fatah’s pledge is the best example of this. He was our absolute dream candidate for this position. We were also able to convince him with our overall concept, which will show the youth players the way to the men’s national team via the clubs and the youth national team.”

The Berlin-born Fatah had carved a highly successful career as a player and coach.  In the 1990s, he was with both the Berlin Adler and Berlin Rebels. In 1996, he moved to the US for three years, where he worked as a position coach and defensive coordinator at Nichols College. Then he followed the call of NFL Europe back to Germany. He worked as a coach for Berlin Thunder and won the World Bowl with the team three times (2001, 2002 and 2004). He repeated this in 2007 as a running back coach of the Hamburg Sea Devils.

After NFL Europe folded, Fatah took over as head coach of the Dresden Monarchs in 2008 which he led immediately from a relegation team the previous year to the playoffs. In 2009, he moved back home and led the Berlin Adler from the state to the German championship. Only a year later he reached the German Bowl again and also won the first Eurobowl in the history of the Adler. Fatah was named coach of the year in the German Football League in 2009.

In 2011, Fatah took over as the head coach of the Austrian powerhouse Swarco Raiders. There, he lead the team to a record of 99-20 in both Austrian and international play, including five Austrian titles and three Central European Football League, CEFL, crowns as well as one Eurobowl championship. Fatah was once again named coach of the year in the Austrian Football League in 2017 and 2019.

In 2021, Fatah returned to his hometown of Berlin, leading the Adler back to the German Football League top division in 2022, reaching the post-season.

AFVD President Fuad Merdanovic on the selection of Shuan Fatah as HC:

“The conversation with Shuan was very emotional. You immediately felt the importance of this appointment for him. He is absolutely proud to wear the federal eagle on his chest. We promised him and his team our full support and emphasized that sport is our top priority and that respect for the performance of the coaches, staff and players is very important to us. We want to take a long-term path with Shuan and of course we want to celebrate successes with him.”

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