Brazil: Curitiba Brown Spiders sign QB Timothy Morovick

The Curitiba Brown Spiders who play in the top Brazilian league have signed Timothy Morovick as their quarterback for the 2020 season.

Morovick (6’2″, 210 lb) joins the Brown Spiders after a tumultuous couple of years. He had originally signed to play for the Helsinki Wolverines in Finland but the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to that. After signing with the Aarhus Tigers in Denmark in 2019, he suffered a season-ending injury. He had played in Poland with the Wroclaw Panthers in 2017 and 2018 helping them win their second straight Polish title in 2017 while earning the league’s most valuable player award.  He left the team late in the 2018 season in a contract dispute. He spent the 2016 campaign with the Albershausen Crusaders in Germany. Morovick played for Ottawa University (Kansas, NAIA) but was not the first player from that school to play in Poland. He joined Clarence Anderson who played for the Warsaw Eagles in 2011 and Shane Gimzo who also played for the Eagles the following year, 2012.

AFI: Congratulations on signing with the Brown Spiders. You have definitely had a tumultuous couple of years. How did you land with Curitiba?

Morovick: Thank you, I’m excited about this opportunity. Coach Wayne Lucero reached out to me back in 2018 but the timing was just never right for me to go to Brazil. Now, it finally worked out.

AFI: On top of the ups and downs for the past two seasons, you suffered a season-ending injury in 2019. How do you feel now?

Morovick: My body is great now. The injury was over a year ago and I’m ready to go!

AFI: The Brown Spiders are returning to the top league in Brazil after a three-year absence. What do you bring to the team to help them stay there?

Morovick: This team has a ton of talent and young, hungry coaches. This is a true family atmosphere and I’m excited to be another piece of that.

AFI: How much do you know about football in Brazil and the Brown Spiders?

Morovick: Before signing here I did not know much about football in Brazil, but I have since been brought up to speed. I really like the layout of the league and how the playoff system is run. Should be a pretty exciting season

AFI: This will be your 5th season playing internationally. How has the experience changed your life?

Morovick: Playing overseas has been life changing. I have made friends and relationships that will last a lifetime. I have seen and experienced things that I never thought I would or that were even possible. It’s crazy to think where a game that you fall in love with as a child can take you.

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