Brazil: Timbo Rex capture historic 3rd title in win over Roosters FA

By Aidan Wohl

The Timbo Rex became historic last week after capturing their third Brazilian national championship defeating the Roosters FA 30-20.

With the win, T-Rex becomes the first three-time champion in FABR history after having also won the title in 2015 and 2016.

Led by finals MVP quarterback Romario Reis, the T-Rex were firing on all cylinders all game long, with the momentum starting from the opening kickoff return as Santa Caterina’s Gabriel Piola returned it all the way for a touchdown.

However, the Roosters did not back down, marching down the field with quarterback Marco Aguinaga tossing a 45-yard touchdown pass to Pokemon to cut the deficit to 7-6 Rex.

The Rex offense reached the Roosters end of the field with running back Maranhao the key player. But a high snap on a field goal attempt left T-Rex still only holding a slim 7-6 lead.

Piola (13) scored the first touchdown of the game for the T-Rex Photo: Richard Ferrari

Both defenses stiffened until midway through the second quarter when Maranhao exploded for a 40 yard gain, taking the Rex into the red zone, poised to extend their lead.

Reis then threw his second touchdown pass of the game finding Amilcar in the end zone from 16 yards out to boost the lead to 13-7 going into the break.

The Roosters responded to open the second half with wide receiver Tyreen Quinn getting in behind the T-Rex secondary and hauling in a 49 yard pass from Aguinaga to give his team their first lead of the game, 14-13.

The Rex offense did not slow down though on the next possession as Reis hit wideout Nazgul, who weaved his way into the end zone from the 11 yard line. Nazgul then caught a shovel pass from Reis for the two-point conversion pass giving his team a 21-14 lead.

Again, the Roosters responded as Aguinaga hit his wideout on a crossing pattern from the six yard line to narrow the lead to 21-20, still in the third quarter. But T-Rex blocked the PAT and returned it all the way for the two points to extend the lead to 23-20.

Rex put the nail in the coffin in the fourth quarter, as Reis tossed an out pass to Pujino who simply raced 70 yards down the sideline for the game-sealing touchdown. The defense then held on for the historic win.

Read the original article (in Portuguese)  in Salao Oval by Victor Romualdo Francisco.


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