Champions of Latin America in 2022 and how they won

With the start of the American football season in Central and South America coming up in a couple of months, let’s take a look back at the champions of 2022 in 15 of the 18 countries that have at least one league.

We have listed a total of 20 league champions, and we are aware there are a couple missing for a variety of reasons. However, the winners presented below are further proof that the game continues to grow.


Argentina has four different leagues, all in different cities. The main league is in Buenos Aires, where the champion for the fourth consecutive time was the Jabalies, who defeated the Corsarios 34-6.  In Rosario, the Espartanos defeated the Orcos 7-0.  In Córdoba, the Cóndores downed the Dragones 19-14. For the final championship game, the city team from Mendoza, the Cóndores Negros, defeated the Libertadores 34-6.

What is also unique about the Argentinian leagues is that at the end of the season, they play a series of bowl games between the all-star teams of each city. This year the winner was Buenos Aires, who beat the all-star teams of both Córdoba and Rosario.


In Brazil, there are two leagues and thus two championship games. The first one is organized by the Brazilian Confederation (CBFA) and in the title game, the Brazil Bowl, the Timbo Rex downed the Galo 30-20 for the title.

In the second league organized by the confederation, Galo Football suited up against the Coritiba Crocodiles, who they defeated by a score of 16-14.


In Chile, the Felinos de La Florida, defeated the Bulldogs by a score of 27-7 at La Florida National Stadium to win the league championship.


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In Colombia, the Hunters de Medellín captured the championship once again, defeating the Lobos de Bello, 27-13.

Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, the Toros Dorados celebrated their 15th anniversary by winning the national league championship, beating the Leones easily 36-6.

El Salvador

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In El Salvador (SAAIF), the Barbarians, with a season of ups and downs, captured their third consecutive league title, beating Motmot’s rookie team, in the La Nación Bowl.


In a season focused mainly in the capital Quito, the Berserkers took the championship, beating the Titanes de Cumbaya 30-18.


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In neighboring Guatemala, the Guatemalan American Football League (LIGFA) saw one of the most popular teams in the country, the Bulldogs, made their predictions come true, beating the Toros to win the Mayan Bowl.


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The Jaguares were pushed to the limit in the FENAFAH Honduras championship game by the Raptors but managed to hang on for the win, beating their rivals 8-6.


In the Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional’s Tazón México V, the Fundidores de Monterrey captured their first ever LFA title by defeating the Gallos Negros de Querétaro 18-14.

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The Mexican college league, the ONEFA, saw the Borregos from ITESM Monterrey defeat the Tigres UANL in overtime, 32-30.


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In Nicaragua, the lack of players made two of the nation’s teams to come together, the Toros de Masaya and Nativos, to form MC Football. By uniting their talent, they managed to have a great season and won the championship by beating the previous champion, the Leones de Managua by a score of 24-6 and take the Motomombo Bowl, within the National Organization of American Football (ONFA).


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The PMFL in Panama had one of the tightest finals in memory when the Frailes defeated the Wolfpack 7-0 after a last second goalline stand.


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In Paraguay, the AFAP celebrated their third season, culminating in the third Terer Bowl, where the Halcones won 36-26 over Titanes.


In the midst of social conflicts, Peru was able to reach the end of their season, with a great final, where the Black Lions took their first trophy beating favorites San Juan Raptors 13-8.


Finally in Uruguay, for the LUFA, the Barbarians returned to the top, beating Troyanos in the grand final by a close score of 12-6.

After two years of the pandemic, most of the leagues throughout the region were reactivated. The countries with leagues that were left out were the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Both of them promise to return to the field this year.