Meet Yannik Rohrschneider, Top College Prospect From Elite 200 Prospect Camp

The 2016 Elite 200 Prospect Camp wrapped up in Troisdorf, Germany a week ago and revealed that Europe, and Germany, is home to outstanding football talent. Of the 240 young athletes who attended the camp, a number emerged as true college prospects including Yannik Rohrschneider from the small town of Hilden, just outside of Düsseldorf , Germany.

As ESPN Recruiting Nation analysts Craig Haubert and Gerry Hamiltonrecruiting evaluator Jason Swepson along with Billy Tucker who is the director of the Under Armour All-American Gamewatched closely, one player emerged at the early stages of the camp and as the weekend continued, was the consensus top camper – Yannik Rohrschneider.

Starting in the morning offensive line drills on Day 1 of the camp, Saturday November 27, Rohrschneider was on everyone’s radar. He impressed the coaches and analysts with his size (6’3″, 280 lb), mechanics, poise and demeanor. He continued to impress on Day 2.

Craig Haubert, ESPN:

“Rohrschneider is a prospect with good natural size, possessing excellent height for an interior prospect and while he does need to add more mass and could benefit greatly from a year in a college weight program, he does have a frame that can support more needed mass. While projected as a guard, arguably his greatest asset was the versatility he displayed, taking reps and performing well at tackle and center also and that ability to line up at multiple spots can be a valuable trait.

As a player he quickly stood out among the group of O-Line participants, not only due to his size, but he was also clearly the furthest along in technique and the promising big man also demonstrated a physical edge in his play, working to stay with and try and finish blocks. The 18-year old still has plenty of room to improve physically and as a player, but he also proved to be the most ready to come to America and be able to compete at the FBS/upper-tier FCS level and with a little developmental time could grow into a very good, productive college interior OL.”


American Football International had a chance to speak with Yannik about his start playing football and expectations for the future.

AFI: Where are you from in Germany and where did you go to school?

Yannik Rohrschneider: I live in Hilden and I went to Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gymnasium.

AFI: Did you start playing in Hilden? How old were you?

Rohrschneider: I am 18 years old. I started playing for the Solingen Steelers in 2012 when I was 14. After 1 year I transferred to the Düsseldorf Panther and I have been playing here since then.

AFI: Did you start playing offensive line?

Rohrschneider: Yes I played offensive and defensive line

AFI: Do you enjoy playing o line?

Rohrschneider: Very much. I enjoy being the most important part of the team and literally fighting for every yard by blocking the defensive linemen

AFI: Well you looked as if you were born to play there. What were your expectations going into the camp?

Rohrschneider: Thank you very much. I expected that there was good competition and a great way to showcase my skills to some very good evaluators.

AFI: Were you surprised by what happened? You were up against some very good young players.

Rohrschneider: Yes I was surprised by how well I did. I was also surprised by how many young players from all around Europe attended this camp, too

AFI: You were picked by ESPN as the top prospect from among 240 players. Does that change your plans for the future?

Rohrschneider: It doesn’t change my plans, it takes me a little closer to fulfilling my dreams of playing college football.

AFI: So that was your dream going into the camp. What is the next step for you then? And what does your family think of all of this?

Rohrschneider: Yeah it was. My next step is to fill out the requests of the NCAA clearing house and getting my transcripts translated. I am also waiting for the evaluation result. My family is supporting my going through the process and hope I can make my goals come true

AFI: How much weightlifting do you do? Do you follow an offseason workout program?

Rohrschneider: I follow a weightlifting program called LLP (Llanos Performance) which is the first off season program preparing offensive linemen in Europe. I lift 5 times a week to get me prepared in the best way.

AFI: Do you have a college or pro player you look up to?

Rohrschneider: Yes, Sebastian Vollmer who plays offensive tackle for the New England Patriots. He actually played for my club (Dusseldorf) before he started his career in the States!

AFI: Okay. Last question: What is your favorite football team? How do you watch NFL games?

Rohrschneider: My favorite team is the Houston Texans and I watch them every Sunday over NFL Game Pass

About the Elite 200 Prospect Camp: Germany

This camp is the first-of-its-kind to take place outside of the United States and it is evidence of the expansion and popularity of the iconic American sport. The intent is to serve as a pilot program for identifying future potential American team players globally and to provide them with a platform to garner online/media presence and access to recruiters and analysts.

Camp Leaders

  • 3STEP Sports’ (ESPN) Operational Staff from the Under Armour Football Camp Series
  • German Football Federation & American Football & Cheerleading Verband Nordrhein-Westfalen (AFCVNRW)
  • Troisdorf Club host committee

Plans for 2017

All in all, camp organizers were extremely happy with the camp including the huge number of athletes who attended, the level of talent and commitment, the organization and the location. ESPN, 3Step and Under Armour along with the American Football Federation of Germany are already drawing up plans for at least another camp in 2017 and also eyeing other countries for similar events.

Photo credits: Andreas Heinen

Roger Kelly is an editor and a writer for AFI. A former PR Director the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League for 7 years, he now lives in Sweden writing about and scouting American Football throughout the world.