China Arena Football League Announces 2016 Schedule

The China Arena Football League (CAFL) has released its official schedule of competition for the 2016 “Super Series” inaugural season of professional football play in China. The six-city Super Series will kick off the historic first season of US-style indoor tackle football in China in the national capital city of Beijing on October 1.

The Super Series tour of six China cities concludes with the playoffs and crowning of the first ever champion in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai on the weekend of November 5. This championship weekend with be called “The China Bowl.”

The six competing teams will each host a weekend of play in the Super Series. Each of the teams will play one game each weekend in the Super Series. Joining the host teams in Beijing and Shanghai are franchises in Dalian, Qingdao, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.


Series I – Weekend of October 1 – at Beijing – LeSports Center

China - CAFL - Le Sport Center - Beijing

  •  Game 1 – Guangzhou vs Qingdao
  • Game 2 – Dalian vs Shenzhen
  • Game 3 – Shanghai vs Beijing

Series II – Weekend of October 8 – at Dalian – Dalian Superdome

China - CAFL - Dalian arena

  • Game 1 – Guangzhou vs Shanghai
  • Game 2 – Shenzhen vs Beijing
  • Game 3 – Qingdao vs Dalian

Series III – Weekend of October 15 – at Qingdao – Qingdao Sports Center

China - CAFL - Qingdao arena

  • Game 1 – Shanghai vs Shenzhen
  • Game 2 – Dalian vs Guangzhou
  • Game 3 – Beijing vs Qingdao

Series IV – Weekend of October 22 – at Guangzhou – Guangzhou Gymnasium Hall

China - CAFL - Guangzhou arena

  • Game 1 – Beijing vs Dalian
  • Game 2 – Qingdao vs Shanghai
  • Game 3 – Shenzhen vs Guangzhou

Series V – Weekend of October 29 – at Shenzhen – Shenzhen Dayun Arena

China - CAFL - Shenzhen arena

  • Game 1 – Dalian vs Shanghai
  • Game 2 – Beijing vs Guangzhou
  • Game 3 – Qingdao vs Shenzhen

China Bowl – Weekend of November 5 – Shanghai – Shanghai Oriental Stadium

China - CAFL - Shanghai arena

  • Game 1 – 6th Seed vs 5th Seed
  • Game 2 – 4th Seed vs 3rd Seed
  • Game 3 – 2nd Seed vs 1st Seed (Championship)

CAFL All-Star Weekend – Location TBA

North (Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao) vs South (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen)

Gary Morris, the CEO of the CAFL, based in Beijing remarked:

“We traveled to each city and sought the very best, most modern arenas in order to properly present our great sport, as it is a multimedia presentation of entertainment for the whole family. Video capabilities, audio systems, Wi-Fi for interaction, VIP suites, locker rooms, and of course the sight lines and comfortable fan seating were all considered. I am thrilled with each of the arenas in which we will present our teams and fan festivals.”

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