Chinese National Football League in full swing

The former American Football League of China (AFLC) went through a rebranding this year, and has re-emerged as the Chinese National Football League, CNFL.

The 21 team CNFL has four divisions – the North, East, West and South – with the East division in action this past weekend in their first round of play.

Shanghai Titans 59 – Hangzhou Generals 0


The Shanghai Titans took control from the outset as they scored early and often against the outmanned Hangzhou Generals, who only a limited number of players available for this game and showed true grit by playing true ironman (and ironwoman) football for 4 quarters in brutal 30°C heat. The Titans next game will  be an September 7 road game against the Hangzhou Smilodons, while the Generals host the Shanghai Warriors on September 14.

Foshan Tigers 21 – Guangzhou Apaches 8


The Foshan Tigers moved to 2-0 in league play as they defeated their neighbors and rivals in Guangdong Province, the Guangzhou Apaches with a dominant 21-8 win.

The Tigers took control early as solid kickoff returns continually gave them excellent field position, and the Foshan shredded the Apache defense through the air with 3 passing touchdowns in the first half to take a 21-0 lead, and the Apaches could only manage a late touchdown to avoid being shut out.

Next up for the 2-0 Tigers is an August 31 road trip to Hong Kong to face the Hong Kong Cobras, while the 0-2 Apaches will have a chance to get a win on August 31 with a game against the 0-2 Hong Kong Combat Orcas

Shanghai Warriors  18 – Hangzhou Smilodons 7


The biggest surprise of the weekend was the Shanghai Warriors narrowly avoiding a shocking upset by the Hangzhou Smilodons in a narrow 18-7 win.

In the hot Shanghai summer weather, the Warriors were missing a few key players and struggled early on as the Smilodon defense held them to only 7 points in the first half, and it was the Warriors defense that saved the day with 2 heroic goal line stops from the 1 yard line.  While the game didn’t unfold the way they had imagined it, the 1-0 Warriors will happily take the win as they prepare for their next game,  a “road” game against the Shanghai Street Cats on August 7.

While the Smilodons showed just how much they have improved as a team, and their next game will be August 7th in Hangzhou against the Shanghai Titans.

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