Defensive back Kevin Medou Returns To France And Signs With Thonon Black Panthers

The Thonon Black Panthers have announced the signing of defensive back Kevin Medou for 2017.

The 5’8″, 170 lb defensive back from France, has played in Germany’s top GFL1 league with the Saarland Hurricanes for the past four years. The Hurricanes reached the German Football League, the top division of football in Germany, playoffs in 2016.

American Football International: Can you tell us a little bit about how you cam to sign with the Thonon Black Panthers?

Kevin Medou: Thonon is one of the best football programs in France. For years they have inspired a great deal of respect both on and off the field through their actions not only for the development of the team but also of football. When they heard that I wanted to return to France to play again they contacted me right away. The fact that I have played against some of the players on the Black Panthers or played with them on the French national team was an important factor.

AFI: Where did you play for the past few years and what do you bring to the Black Panthers?

Medou: I have been playing in Germany with the Saarland Hurricanes against the best European wide receivers like Anthony Dable and Moritz Boehringer so I can bring all that experience to Thonon and help dominate in the defensive secondary for next season.

AFI: Why did you return to France?

Medou: I will start to study in Lyon this year and I have accomplished my goal of playing against the best in Europe. Now it’s time to starting thinking about my life after football and so I wanted to come home to France.

Check out Kevin Medou’s 2016 highlights with the Saarland Hurricanes

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