Does Vaping Impact Athletic Performance?

Starting with 369,590 deaths in 1990, the number of people dying because of smoking has stayed consistently high. By now, most people are aware of the dangers of smoking and definitely don’t associate athletes with smoking. Professional athletes have been thoroughly educated not only about the health risks related to smoking but also its impact on physical performance. As a result, vaping seems to have cropped up as an alternative and has attracted people who argue that it is safer than traditional smoking. Still, most risks of vaping are unknown because it’s a relatively new phenomenon.

Scientific research has proven the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and they are now well known. For instance, research has shown that nicotine speeds up the heart rate while narrowing the arteries. It also increases blood pressure. These are some of the adverse effects of smoking that can limit the physical performance of an athlete. So, what about vaping?

Athletes should generally avoid habits that may affect their performance and career negatively. An athlete can only succeed if they adopt healthy habits. Some experts have argued that even using the dry herb vape pen can impact the physical performance of an athlete. However, some people believe that cardio and vaping go hand-in-hand. Athletes undergo rigorous training, and some individuals believe that vaping athletes perform better. Nevertheless, this argument has always been questioned by many people.

Vaping is Different from Smoking

Vaping entails the inhalation and exhalation of aerosols or vapor using a battery-powered device. It is a new phenomenon whose popularity is rising. Some people put vaping and smoking into the same category. However, vaping devices or e-cigarettes are different from traditional cigarettes in terms of their structures.

Additionally, vaping does not produce the same smell as smoking. Traditional cigarettes produce a pungent odor that many people don’t like. Vaping, on the other hand, does not have this smell. This is one of the reasons why many people are switching from smoking to using the best weed vape pen.

Manufacturers of vaping devices also argue that their gadgets have fewer toxins and harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes. Thus, people that want to avoid smoking-related diseases can switch from smoking to vaping.

What’s more, vaping devices can be used to control nicotine intake. That way, a person can avoid addiction or use them to end their nicotine dependence by gradually reducing their intake.

Positive Impacts of Vaping on Athletic Performance

Some experts have argued that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. What’s more, some studies have shown that vaping can affect athletic performance positively. Here are some of the positive impacts of vaping on athletic performance.

Improved Cardio Performance

It’s no doubt that any athlete that wants to vape should take precautionary measures. However, vaping can benefit an athlete by improving their cardio performance. Essentially, it’s believed that vaping improves an athlete’s ability to run longer.

Athletes that traditional smoke cigarettes often experience shortness of breath during long exercise sessions and heavy workouts. But, when it comes to strength training, vaping athletes do heavier lifts.

Improved Stamina

Traditional cigarette smoking is not recommended for athletes. That’s because the habit can lead to poor stamina that can impact their performance negatively. To maintain body fitness and health, athletes should workout. Using a dry herb vaporizer pen properly can improve the stamina of an athlete. It can help them stick to their workout routine.

Improved Energy

Nicotine is a stimulant. As such, when an athlete vaporizes a nicotine-containing e-juice, they are likely to experience an energy boost. Their heart rate increases gently. It gives the nervous system the kick-start it needs to increase energy levels in the body. As such, athletes that vape before a competition can have the buzz they need to win.

Better Mood

Some athletes are anxious when going to competitions. Nicotine can trigger the pleasure sensors in the brains of such athletes. As such, using nicotine-containing vapes before a game can make an athlete feel good. It, in turn, can help the athlete focus on winning. Essentially, vaping can motivate an athlete and help them if they feel low.

Weight Control

Using the best weed vape pen to consume nicotine can help with weight control. An athlete should maintain a healthy posture. This explains why many athletes stick to strict workout schedules and diet plans. Nicotine may help in weight marinating.

Negative Impacts of Vaping on Athletic Performance

Sports vape may seem to have many benefits on athletic performance. However, using a dry herb vape pen has negative effects that athletes should know about. They include the following.

Throat irritation

Vaping may seem beneficial to athletes, but overdosing can cause throat irritation. Essentially, an athlete may have throat irritation if they vape frequently. However, this depends on the device and juice that an athlete uses. When a throat is irritated, an athlete can have a cough that will make deep breathing difficult. This can affect their performance negatively because the body needs adequate oxygen supply during a performance.


An athlete can have the best wax pen but use an e-juice whose ingredients can cause dehydration. Thus, an athlete may have to increase water intake to stay hydrated during a performance.

Addiction Risk

There is a thin line between an addiction and a habit. Nicotine addiction is the reason why some people can’t stop smoking traditional cigarettes. When an athlete vapes nicotine-containing e-liquids, they risk developing this addiction. To overcome this addiction, they may have to go to a rehabilitation center. This, combined with the publicity they might get, can affect their overall performance and career. Therefore, any athlete that wants to vape should do it carefully and use the best vape pen for weed.

Is Vaping Bad for Athletes?

Research has shown that an athlete can decide to use a weed pen  for varied reasons. Foremost among them include relaxation, enhanced performance and concentration, and weight control. Vaping can also be used to help a smoking athlete quit this habit that is bad for their health and performance. Nearly, vaping can benefit athletes in many ways if done right and in moderation.

However, even the best dry herb vape pen can affect athletic performance negatively if not used properly. And because the sports community has not implemented a strict ban on tobacco consumption, athletes are free to decide to vape nicotine-containing e-liquids or not. But, regardless of the decision that an athlete makes, moderation is essential.

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