Egyptian National Football League heading into playoffs

The Egyptian National Football League (ENFL) winds up its regular season April 20 after 10 weeks of action.

The West division ended its regular season last week with no surprises. The MSA Tigers finished first, followed by the Cairo Wolves. The Cairo Warriors were eliminated after a decent first season and the Gezira Thunder failed to get any wins in their first season. The Wolves will be facing the Tigers in the playoffs on May 5.

Week 9 saw the highest score in ENFL history as the GUC Eagles crushed the Thunder 88-0. The Cairo Bears beat the Titans 54-0, hanging on to the chance of qualifying for the playoffs for the first time in the team’s history. This Friday will determine who will be joining the Wolves and Tigers in the playoffs. The Cairo Hell Hounds are playing the Cairo Bears in the last chance for the Bears to qualify while the Eagles have an easy game against the Warriors.

Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL)

The Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL) regular season has ended, with a surprise, as the Hell Hounds defeated the defending champions, the Wolves, 12-6 after beating the Tigers the previous day 19-13. Getting 2 wins in a row didn’t save the Hounds from elimination though and the Wolves still made it to the playoffs along with the Titans, who managed to secure fourth place, even though the Thunder beat the Bears 20-13.

The Eagles and the Warriors, the first two teams in the EFFL standings, played the best game this season which ended with the Warriors narrowly defeating the Eagles 21-20. This places the Eagles in second place and they will be playing against the Wolves who are in the third place while the Warriors will be facing the Titans in the EFFL playoffs on Saturday.