El Salvador: 2021 Milestone Achievement for Salvadorian Federation

Congratulations to President, Steve Ágreda, of Salvadorian Federation of American Intramural Football – SAAIF.

On March 19th, 2021 Ágreda was invited to the General Assembly of the El Salvador Olympic Committee where SAAIF was put to a vote to become a member of this distinguished Committee. With a unanimous vote, SAAIF became a permanent member of the El Salvador Olympic Committee – COES.

During January of this year SAAIF was recognized by the INDES El Salvador a milestone achievement that paved the way to its Federation status.

The Salvadorian Association of American Intramural Football – SAAIF as the highest governing body of American football in El Salvador, hereinafter known as the Federacion Salvadorena de Futbol Americano Intramuros – SAAIF / Salvadorian Federation of American Intramural Football – SAAIF.

SAAIF held its Ordinary General Assembly on Sunday, March 21st in San Salvador. In accordance with the previously established agenda, the members listened to Secretary, Andrea Bennett, at the opening of the congress, and also honored the homeland with the playing of the national anthem.

Bennett continued with the introduction of the Vice-President, Máximo Blanco, who gave his words of welcome to all the congress members in attendance, followed by Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas of Applied Sciences of INDES, who spoke about the importance of Anti-Doping in sport and WADA, committing to help SAAIF in establishing the Anti-Doping Commission, which will be led by the 1st Member, Néstor Cruz.

Ágreda reiterated the importance of Anti-Doping:

“We are putting an emphasis on the Anti-Doping policies and having random drug testing of our athletes this year. As well as coordinating with International Federation of American Football – IFAF our National schedules and teams as well for any international testing.”

Treasurer, Karla Henríquez, presented the treasury and financial statement report for the year 2020, with her approval.

Ágreda also presented the health insurance plan acquired for all its SAAIF members and the schedule of activities for the year 2021.

“This year, all our members can be assured of a medical insurance policy specific to our sport, to aid in their injury and rehabilitation recovery. This policy is obligatory for all SAAIF members; board directors, coaches, referees and so forth.”

SAAIF 2021 Schedule

The Women’s Flag League, which consists of players 16-years and older will start its first round from April 11th until June and the second round from August until November. Winner of round 1 will play winner of round 2 in the National Championship final the weekend of December 4th – 5th.

SAAIF will only host women’s Flag this year as Co-Ed Flag got benched due to the COVID-19 situation. Normally Co-Ed would have been played from January until March.

A men’s Flag league has not yet been established although SAAIF hopes to have a roll-out by the end of the year so they can play a tournament next year.

The men’s American football league consisting of eight teams – Antiguo Cuscatlan Barbarians, Santa Ana Bravos, SS. Caimanes, San Miguel Fire, Soyapango Guerreros, Santa Tecla Jaguares, Sonsonate Sharks and Mejicanos Torogoz – will run from June until December with the 4th/5th being the National Championship final. The Conferences haven’t been set up as yet. Barbarians remain the reigning Champions from the 2019 season before the COVID-19 shut-down of 2020.

Both women’s Flag Selection and Big Blue Selection have been practicing since January and are anticipating to have games scheduled as soon as regional neighboring countries get the green-light for competition.

Upcoming events

El Salvador is scheduled to host the Central AmericanCA Bowl III in 2022. SAAIF had the honor of hosting the inaugural CA Bowl I in 2013 with regional countries Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama coming together for this important development in football history. Guatemala hosted the CA Bowl II in 2018 with all the aforementioned countries participating adding Honduras to complete the regional list.

“We are working hard to get the sport introduced into the regional Olympic committees Central American game cycle, first as an exhibition sport for later voting as a permanent sport in the Games. However, it is up to each regional country to get their National Olympic Committee to recognize them. For this to happen, we need at least three countries with NOC recognition. At the moment we only have two, El Salvador and Nicaragua. We look forward to being able to make this happen and continue to write long-term history. Having American football as part of the regional Olympic Committee Central American Games would be huge for all of us in the sport.”

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