ELF: 2023 Munich Ravens – A Complete Roster Breakdown

The Munich Ravens are only a couple of weeks away from making their debut as a franchise in the European League of Football.  Here is a breakdown of their first ever roster.

Chad Jeffries will be the team’s quarterback in their inaugural season.  The American spent the past four seasons with the Danube Dragons of the Austrian Football League.  He capped off an impressive run with the Dragons by leading the team to a championship in 2022.  Prior to his stint in Austria, he spent two seasons with the Marburg Mercenaries of the German Football League, leading them to the playoffs in 2017.  As a quarterback with plenty of experience playing in Europe, he seems to be the right guy for the job of leading a fledgling team in their first season.

Photo: Alexander Forst

Jeffries will have an elite receiver to throw to in American import Markell Castle.  Castle spent last season in Italy with the Milano Seamen, who will also be making their ELF debut this season.  eightn just 8 games in 2022, he recorded 1,073 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns with just 45 receptions.  Castle played in the GFL during the previous two seasons and recorded nearly 2,000 yards and 25 touchdowns in that timeframe.  Another top receiving target is Marvin Rutsch, a local product who spent the past two seasons with the Frankfurt Galaxy.

On defense, the Ravens will be led by a pair of American imports who have experience playing in Europe.  Amin Black is an undersized but powerful linebacker who led the GFL in tackles last season and also showed his abilities to rush the quarterback and play pass coverage.  Darius Robinson is a cornerback who spent the last two seasons with the Wroclaw Panthers.  The former Clemson Tiger had previously played in the GFL and with the Swarco Raiders, then a part of the Austrian Football League.  There, he was teammates with Sean Shelton, who is now the general manager of the Ravens.


Running Backs

  • Tomina Oyewo – Nigeria
  • Alex Braunsperger – Germany
  • Justin Rodney – Germany

WR Markell Castle Photo: Steve Bunkahle

Wide Receivers

  • Sixten Dragan – Germany
  • Markell Castle – USA
  • Jan Hochschild – Germany
  • Luca Salvo – Germany
  • Marvin Rutsch – Germany
  • Jason Sanders – Germany
  • Mo Riedinger – Germany
  • Jannik Nowak – Germany
  • Lukas Anzeneder – Germany

Tight Ends

  • Sebastian Kurrer – Germany
  • Marlon Malki – Germany

Photo: Steve Bunkahle

Offensive Line

  • Tobias Vorreiter – Germany
  • Dominik Ondra – Germany
  • Nathan Kalemba – Germany
  • Marvin Biegert – Germany
  • Jan Eberl – Germany
  • Philip Weinzierl – Germany
  • Marco Fischer – Germany
  • Thomas Heller – Germany
  • Lukas Stingl – Germany
  • Thomas Schmidt – Germany

Defensive Line

  • Johannes Zirngibl – Germany
  • Tizian Vogl – Germany
  • Dominic Siegel – Germany
  • Leon Weber – Germany
  • Johannes Brau – Germany
  • Robin Rogoss – Germany
  • MJ Ricco – Germany
  • Bilal Mawuena – Germany
  • Patrick Roth – Germany


Amin Black


  • Kevin Titz – Germany
  • Amin Black – USA
  • Leon Nieper – Germany
  • Patrick Engelhardt – Germany

Darius Robinson and coach during camp Photo: Steve Bunkahle

Defensive Backs

  • Fabrizio Umetelli – Italy
  • Milos Ilic – Denmark
  • Darius Robinson – USA
  • Junior Nkembi – Germany
  • Rachid Ali-Tagba – Germany
  • Jonas Gurntke – Germany
  • Moritz Scharr – Germany
  • Joschka Bartz – Germany
  • Julian Ludwig-Mayorga – Germany
  • Enis Kaser – Germany


  • Robert Werner – Germany

The Ravens’ first game in franchise history will take place on June 4th as they host the Raiders Tirol.

A current student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carter played football in high school and has been a lifelong avid football fan.