ELF: Quarterbacks predict the league’s first champion

After a wild season in the European League of Football, two teams will put it all on the line this today in the league’s first-ever title game. Both the Hamburg Seadevils and Frankfurt Galaxy have put together impressive seasons to get to this point and are expected to put on a highly competitive show in front of a packed house at Merkur Spiel Arena in Dusseldorf.

In order to help predict the 2021 ELF championship, we asked players who know first-hand how good these two teams are. We’ve decided to go straight to the source speaking with four of the league’s starting quarterbacks, asking them who will hoist the trophy when the clock hits zero. After all, who would know better than them?

First off, we’ll start with Barcelona Dragons quarterback Zach Edwards. Edwards was one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league, throwing for 2,514 yards and 21 touchdowns. On the ground, Edwards used his athleticism to buy time and move the stick when needed. The leader of ELF’s lone Spanish franchise is expecting a nail biter title match:

“I think it’s going to be an exciting game. I’m looking forward to two really good franchises battling it out. I think Frankfurt will edge out the Sea Devils and win this one 28-20.”

Zach Edwards Photo Credit: Barcelona Dragons

Zach Edwards pick: Frankfurt Galaxy

Berlin Thunder quarterback Calvin Stitt was another exciting dual-threat passer to watch in ELF’s first season. Stitt’s improvisational style kept Thunder fans on the edge of their seats as he created highlight-worthy plays throughout the year. The young British gunslinger also sees the Galaxy as the league’s first champion:

“I’m gonna have to go with the Frankfurt, don’t get me wrong I think it’s going to be a close game that will come down to wire, but the way Frankfurt have been performing recently I see them winning this game.”

Calvin Stitt Photo Credit: Berlin Thunder

Calvin Stitt’s pick: Frankfurt Galaxy

Our next quarterback joined the league late but certainly left his mark on ELF’s first season. Surge signal-caller Aaron Ellis helped Stuttgart stay afloat after a less than ideal start to the season. Ellis has been impressed with both teams and see’s today’s championship as must-watch football:

“The championship game between Frankfurt and Hamburg should be an exciting one, I think the Hamburg’s offense really turned it around and stepped up in their playoff match against the Wroclaw Panthers. If they can carry that offensive turnaround going into the match up with Frankfurt I see it being a very close and competitive game similar to their matchup early in the season. I got Frankfurt winning 21-17”

Aaron Ellis Photo Credit: Sara Phillip

Aaron Ellis’s pick: Frankfurt Galaxy

Veteran international passer Michael Birdsong was one of the ELF’s dark-horse MVP candidates after putting up 1,597 yards and 24 touchdowns in only seven games. The quarterback of Kings returned from an injury late in the season and led Leipzig to an upset victory in Hamburg. The improbable win nearly pushed his team back in the playoffs. The former Japanese Xleague champion is looking forward to a competitive title game in his new league:

“This is going to be a great game and is going to come down to the wire. I think the defenses for both sides are loaded and will show up for this game. Frankfurt has a little more fire power on offense right now and with Hamburg still missing some guys on defense, I think Frankfurt will be able to take advantage of it. Frankfurt 27-20 over Hamburg.”

Michael Birdsong Photo Credit: Marian Wenzel

Michael Birdsong’s pick: Frankfurt Galaxy

Some of ELF’s most knowledgeable players are decided firmly on a Frankfurt victory. However, they all expect a hard-fought game as Hamburg was able to defeat the Galaxy by a last-second field goal in the league’s first-ever game last June. Fans and players alike are anticipating another thrilling back and forth match this afternoon for the league’s inaugural championship.

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